back to article IoT: Industry snakeoil or one-way ticket to fame and riches?

Is the Internet of Everything (IoE) just another tech buzz word in an industry known for marketing bluster? It is doomed to go the way of Service Oriented Architectures and Web 2.0? If you think so, maybe you should take a peek around you. Cisco boss John Chambers said earlier this year it would have five to 10 times the …

  1. ben_myers

    Help me sell security of the IoT

    I'm a reseller of computer gear. So now we'll have all those wonderful things on the internet. Help me sell security of the IoT. Is somebody going to hack my refrigerator and force it to defrost, spoiling the contents? Can hackers get into my Android-controlled home heating system and goose the termperature in the house up to 90 F or 32 C, depending on your side of the pond. I'm scared scheytless, because nobody is talking about security for all this stuff, only how wonderful our lives will be. Bullshit! ... Ben Myers

    1. PaulusTheGrey

      Re: Help me sell security of the IoT

      Seconded. Not one mainstream OS is completely "un-hackable", and I would hazard a guess that a few of the "bespoke" ones aren't entirely secure.

      Sad to say, but I suspect greatly that it will take a fairly minor security hole that affects someone like John Chambers (boiled freezer anyone?) to wake up the industry to the fact that just because it isn't just someone's "personal device" no-one will want to abuse it.

      It's not just the general security angle of being hacked, think about the privacy angle... just how much junk mail could you get if Walmart (other bad employers are also available) can get into your fridge and work out what your eating? There's already anecdotal reports of fridges sending spam around the internet. (surely that's tinned and lives in a cupboard?)

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