UK Police Tracking People's Phone Calls

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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Big Brother

    UK Police Tracking People's Phone Calls

    "You've maybe heard a bit about Stingray. Over the past couple of years, it has emerged that police forces in the US have been using the powerful surveillance tool, which tricks phones into connecting to a dragnet, to track mobile devices, and intercept calls and text messages." ref

    1. swampdog

      Re: UK Police Tracking People's Phone Calls

      In order for democracy to survive on both sides of the pond we need a "none of the above" on the ballot box.

      All intelligence agencies will, (and it is their remit) grab as much intelligence as possible. The problem is how such info is used. Atm it is secret. Most of it likely should stay secret.

      All I say is the security services can do what they want *but* once they decide to prosecute, in the name of democracy, they can only use evidence after a warrant(*).

      It becomes a simple choice:

      (a) intelligence

      (b) public interest


      Timestamp. No evidence prior to the warrant is admissable. ie secret

  2. Small Cog

    So... if one wanted to be free from this tech.. I guess he could be making calls over some open source communicator akin to Skype from his PC. He would need to use an anonymization network.

    In my experience I2P doesn't work that great, haven't tried Tor.. My biggest hope is GnuNet though they are by no means fast at building it... But it also seems to be the most thorough attempt.

    With that it wouldn't be possible to see who you're calling.

    But the mobiles... Whatever you do they will betray that you're in the area and making a call. Theoretically smth like GnuNet might run on a mobile making the recipient of your calls and their content unknown. But that would work only with good mobile internet and you still wouldn't be able to conceal the fact that you're calling somebody at a particular time

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