back to article Google beefs up Compute Engine, adds extra zone to US, Asia

Google has tacked on two new compute zones to its Compute Engine in one of several tweaks to a product it hopes will challenge Amazon's AWS and Microsoft's Azure. The ads flinger's two-year-old Compute Engine tacked on a zone each in its "US-Central1" and "Asia-East1" regions, respectively. Google Compute Engine has three …

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  2. MyffyW Silver badge

    Don't immediately think of Google for IaaS

    Perhaps I should do more research, but I always put the Google cloud offerings into the PaaS / SaaS bucket. Anybody got any experience (+ve or -ve) with them for IaaS?

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Don't immediately think of Google for IaaS

      Both Azure and Google compute started as PaaS but then changed tack when they discovered that it's a niche market that their target audience see as too high risk because it almost guarantees vendor lockin and makes troubleshooting performance issues almost impossible (is the application at fault, or has the provider changed something and not told us).

      Ironically while IaaS has won the cloud war in theory providers have discovered that if they provide resilience and productivity tools as API functions that developers can build into the code then clients quickly get locked in via the back door as their applications become increasingly platform specific.

      Put the frog into water and slowly heat it up...

  3. boboM


    The problem I found with Compute Engine is a total lack of support when you find an issue with it. We were noticing that paid clicks we got from Adwords were not always arriving at our site (could tell from Analytics). Turns out the site was regularly hanging and not responding.

    After using the exact same build scripts on Amazon we found we were not having this problem. Either Compute Engine or Cloud DNS is having some serious network issues, and despite logging it on the 'official' StackOverflow channel all we got is a few 'try this, try that'; while it was fairly obvious to me tht there is a bug in their service.

    So back to AWS we go... (and are having better response times)

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