back to article China cracks down on instant messengers: Users must hand over real names

China has tightened rules regulating the use of instant messengers, forcing users to reveal their real names when registering so their identities can be linked to their content. In much the same way as with social networks – although clearly for different reasons – the State Internet Information Office (SIIO) is requiring …

  1. JimmyPage

    How times change ...

    A few years ago, news like this would have generated criticism from the west, along with a long spiel about democracy.

    Nowadays, news like this, and the west goes "that's a good idea"

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: How times change ...

      More like "Hah, beat you to it!!"

  2. Robin Bradshaw

    "No country in the world allows dissemination of information of rumors, violence, cheating, sex and terrorism."

    They have never read youtube comments then. :)

    1. DropBear

      Yup, there goes the entire western tabloid press...

  3. malle-herbert
    Big Brother

    "slander and rumours"

    Ah yes... I heard this "rumour" about something that has happened

    at this place called "tiananmen square"...

    But of course this must all just be "slander" to the Chinese government...

    1. asdf

      Re: "slander and rumours"

      Two decades ago now (still a travesty). Go back two more decades you can read how the CIA helped Pinochet kill and torture more than died in Tienanmen Square. Of course us Merkins live in the only "free" country in the world. As long as something is done "over there" then its ok.

      1. JLV

        Re: "slander and rumours"

        Not to say anything good about the Pinochet mess. Or the Central American death squads which are more recent. Or whatever the US has been up with the war on terror in addition to Guantanamo.

        But isn't that comparing apple and oranges? violence against your own citizens is considerably more blatant than against faceless people in another country, most of which your propaganda can dismiss as not-quite-innocent.

        A better USA comparison to Tianamen, where the police of a state shot its own citizens in a largely peaceful demonstration, would be the Kent State shootings in 67, with 4 deaths. Not quite the same intent, the same fatalities or the same results.

        Tianamen is quite in its own league, even in a nation as populous as China. It makes more sense against their background of forced labor camps in the 60s and 70s.

        As much as anti-Americanism, somewhat deserved as a result of Bush Jr, is rampant in these here parts, Russian and China have never even really pretended to be places where human rights are very important. Russia is reminding us of that these days, but remains an impotent backwater with dreams of geopolitical relevance.

        China... can go both ways. They certainly will become the dominant superpower in our lifetime. They can develop and be kind to their own citizens and to the world. That's in many ways their best interest. But their government also lacks legitimacy and is very prickly about criticism, as this shows. Tibet, and more importantly, the western Chinese Muslim regions? Not exactly cuddly/huggy behavior.

        A good way to retain public goodwill is to engage into easy adventures against foreign enemies or perceived slights. Spratleys, Taiwan, all sorts of potential powderkegs.

        It's dicey. Designed-for-China-wars kit like the F35 family sends a signal that they should not trust us. But, can we trust them? Their government is a huge part of the problem, but face it, most of the world abused China in the 19th and 20th century. Will Joe Average there be willing to forgive and forget? Will China be content to merely bully its backyard?

        Interesting times indeed, but this is not a good sign, no sirree. I still think the West should go out of its way to de-escalate military competition with China, but we may yet rue the advent of a potentially even less restrained superpower.

        1. Anonymous Coward
          Anonymous Coward

          Re: "slander and rumours"

          You forgot the invasion and suppression of Tibet. A million Tibetans dead, spread over decades.

          The Chinese communist government has no regard for human rights. If they want something, they take it and God help you if you can't fight them off.

          1. Yet Another Anonymous coward Silver badge

            Re: "slander and rumours"

            Good job we never occupied any of the Indian sub-continent then

          2. razorfishsl

            Re: "slander and rumours"

            If you are going to make willy nilly statements back it up with figures.

            Better still go watch the history of the Deli Lama fan club responsible for the raping of Tibet, stripping of assets and their final escape to India via a mountain pass.

            The commies may not be blameless, but then again neither are the tibetan monks with their forced slave labour over the general population

        2. asdf

          Re: "slander and rumours"

          >Designed-for-China-wars kit like the F35 family sends a signal that they should not fear us due to our financial and technological incompetence. (FIFY).

          Hard to go to war with China when you need them to lend you the money to do so as well as make much of your war materials. China scares me because they haven't had a deep recession in decades (what happens internally when they finally do?) and they have way too many young males vs females (due to one child policy). Few things are more dangerous than raged up males who can't get laid.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    poor taste joke follows

    All Chinese names look the same to me....

    but big country so even a few percentage of refuseniks represents a lot of people trying to exercise a modicum of free speech.

  5. This post has been deleted by its author

  6. chris lively

    Wouldn't it be better if we just disconnected that entire country from the Internet already?

    1. lucki bstard

      Disconnect the US? yep that sounds good

  7. Alan Brown Silver badge

    I'm on wechat

    And I didn't have to provide a real name.

    Unless Wan Han Loe is a real person.

  8. Gene Cash Silver badge

    Real user names??

    Who do they think they are? Google Plus?

    1. Tom Chiverton 1

      Re: Real user names??

      Google+ doesn't have that policy any more.

      1. TeeCee Gold badge

        Re: Real user names??

        Yeah, not like They don't know exactly who you are[1] anyway..

        [1] and where you live, what you look at online, your router's SSID and MAC address, what you bought recently, your inside leg measurement.....etc ad nauseum.

      2. MrXavia

        Re: Real user names??

        "Google+ doesn't have that policy any more."

        Since when? I tried to set up a google+ account without using a real name, they didn't allow it!

  9. P0l0nium

    My name is Wang .... Just "Wang" !

  10. Graham Marsden
    Big Brother

    "only posting authentic information"...

    "No country in the world allows dissemination of information of rumors, violence, cheating, sex and terrorism..."

    ... by anyone else apart from the Government, because that's *their* job!


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