back to article Cloudy startup drops unified storage array into YOUR data centre

Cloudy storage startup Zadara can now drop a unified storage array in your own data centre, with you paying for its use and maintenance on a pay as you go scheme. It's essentially a "serviced storage array" (like a serviced office). Zadara has gone into acronym overload with this new VPSA OPaaS SAN and NAS product. Let's go …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    5TB ? Cheaper to buy at about $200

    A Seagate Expansion disk would pay for itself in the first week, and not incur TB's of traffic.

    1. Andrew Harding

      Re: 5TB ? Cheaper to buy at about $200

      uh, Seagate's performance would be terrible and would wouldn't get TBs of geo-dispersed, cloud-accessible redundancy. PC backup apples versus Enterprise-class Storage-as-a-service oranges

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