back to article NoSQL startup MongoDB names BladeLogic founder as new CEO

MongoDB has appointed venture capitalist and former entrepreneur Dev Ittycheria as its new chief executive, adding fuel to speculation that the NoSQL database firm may be planning to go public soon. Ittycheria, who most recently served as managing director of Openview Venture Partners, replaces outgoing CEO Max Schireson, who …

  1. Destroy All Monsters Silver badge

    $1.2bn – more than the $1bn that Sun Microsystems paid to acquire MySQL in 2008

    Anyone CARE to apply an inflation adjuster? No, the official one, something realistic.

    You will probably find that it's LESS.

  2. Stretch

    how is recruiting the guy behind RAC in any way a remotely good thing?

    I remember when this software took down the groceries database of a major uk supermarket. decided to write one datatype to wrong column. then RAC propagated this to all nodes. goodbye data. cue whole IT department on phone to customers manually processing orders. fun times.

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