back to article IBM furtles all-flash biz bruiser FlashSystem

IBM has upped its all-flash array FlashSystem capacity to an effective 1.6PB by baking in SVC/Storwize features – including real-time compression. The FlashSystem V840 release 1.2 is built from three 2U rackmount boxes: an AE1 storage enclosure (as used in the 840) and two active-active AC1 control enclosures. The storage box …

  1. vdthemyk

    V840 is good, but could do a little more

    First off, I like the V840 option. For workloads that are I/O intensive and compress well, the V840 can make a great fit to turbo charge your customer environment. Now, as XtremeIO will get compression along with Dedupe soon and PureStorage already meeting these requirements, I think the V840 will need to add deduplication to the software set to remain a viable option. But the ability to also manage external disk is a huge benefit. This makes the option available to use this as both a dedicated AFA as well as portion it off to double as a automated tiered architecture with spinning disk.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Pardon my ignorance...

    But who, or what, is a "furtle"?

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