back to article European networks giants have adjusted to life with Huawei at last

The wireless infrastructure vendors were uncharacteristically upbeat in their second quarter results announcements. The impact of Huawei and ZTE has overshadowed them for so long that it seemed like a permanent fixture, but to a great extent, the western suppliers, and their shareholders, have now adjusted to the reality of …

  1. hammarbtyp

    The Nordic Brotherhood

    One idly speculates how long it will be till Ericsson and Nokia are sharing the same sauna?

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Probably never. The european union will never allow two nordic companies to merge due to comeptitive reasons. Only german companies are allowed to buy nordic companies without anyone saying a word.

    1. hammarbtyp

      I'm sure they will if they just use the magic phrases "Global scale", "European champion", "Chinese Threat"

    2. Lars Silver badge

      I will not fully agree on that. Sweden with -10M and Finland with +5M people have made lots of mergers, like paper, banks, metal and so forth for obvious reasons. Sometimes with good results, sometimes perhaps less. But there has to be a mutual need for a merger and I cannot see one between Ericsson and Nokia now. Nokia bought German companies (in old good times), like Siemens Networks, so I would say your comment, to be polite, is rubbish, regarding both the European Union and Germany. Germany just bought most of the Finnish shipbuilding industry from the Koreans who mismanaged it. It seems to be fairly normal that you need some money to buy something. Should we blame those with some or those without any.

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