back to article Bombs away: BiTMICRO dives into enterprise PCIe flash pool

BiTMICRO has entered the enterprise PCIe SSD market with the MAXio E-Series SSD with the best capacity-per-watt among all PCIe SSDs, using less than 30W when active. It has 1.5TB or 3TB of raw capacity and does random reads and writes at 240,000 and 100,000 respectively. The sequential read and write bandwidth numbers are 1. …

  1. Arachnoid


    And here was I thinking it was a story about a new Micro BitCoin...

    1. ToddR

      Re: BitCoin

      BitMicro were the first company to develop high performance SSDs using flash, some 10 years ago, so a long time before Fusion i/O et al.

      There 3.5" discs were military rugged spec and were used in terrain mapping for jet fighters etc, so the piece says they are not at the highest spec', but wouldn't be surprised if they are being more truthful about their spec than the rest of the flash-Pack?

  2. pyite

    Fusion SX power

    FYI the Fusion-io SX cards are limited to using 21 watts of power, and available up to 6 terabytes. How can BitMICRO claim that they have the highest capacity per watt?

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