back to article Vulturization: Who'd be a sysadmin today?

The Register presents the second installment of the Vulturization podcast series – listen here or from the player below. This time, your inordinately caffeinated host sits down with Dwayne Lessner of Nutanix and veteran sysadmin Phoummala Schmitt to talk about converged infrastructure, marketing hype, and the ever-increasing …

  1. returnofthemus

    Microsoft goes from strength-to-strength in the Cloud Era

    Not sure I quite understood all the Microsoft apprenhension, when it comes to x86 server virtualization they've closed the gap considerably on VMware and when it comes to Cloud IaaS they are the nearest competitor to AWS at present. I think far too many look back historically at the era of domination when fan boys and fan girls religiously aligned themselves to certain vendors and hated the rest, that era is coming to an end.

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