back to article Hey, what's inside those Imation Nexsan arrays? Whoa, bundles of cash?

The pace of revenue decline at storage biz Imation is lessening – but the loss-making continues: its second quarter results show storage media revenue falls outweighing storage array and security product revenue rises. Net revenue for the quarter, ending June 30, was $178.6m, down 15.6 per cent from a year ago but flat …

  1. John Smith 19 Gold badge

    So why don't they close the loss making divisions and only support *existing* customers?

    But what do I know of business.

  2. P. Lee Silver badge

    Decline in optical

    They do realise this is due to comparatively rubbish optical capacity, right? And they do know that this became a problem a good five years ago at least?

    Perhaps the new storage array business isn't growing fast enough because its over-priced? I don't know about Imation, but I worked for a consultancy where the SAN Solution was 7000 AUD *per terabyte*. And they thought that was a good deal. At that price, a motherboard with 14-22 SATA ports on it begins to look like a good deal. Have you wasted a lot of disk space? Yes. Are you still saving a load of cash? Yes! You can hire an extra administrator pretty quickly on those kinds of figures.

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