back to article Security chap writes recipe for Raspberry Pi honeypot network

Honeypots are the perfect bait for corporate IT shops to detect hackers targeting and already within their networks and now one security bod has devised a means to build a battalion of the devices from Raspberry Pis. University of Arizona student Nathan Yee (@nathanmyee) has published instructions for building cheap hardware …

  1. psychonaut


    theres a strip joint there thats been running this for years

    1. knarf

      Re: maidenhead

      About time it had a quick reboot then !

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: maidenhead

      I wouldn't call it honey in there. More like tar. It aint Spearmint quality that's for sure.

  2. Christian Berger

    Raspberry Pis are possibly easy to detect

    They run on USB, and USB transfers can only start at defined times, I think even just once per millisecond. So if your replies come in regular steps, you know it's an USB network card and therefore most likely a Raspberry Pi.

    1. tiger99

      Re: Raspberry Pis are possibly easy to detect

      I am hoping that it is not much of a problem on a fairly busy network, because, for example, the time "should" become slightly randomised by the switch needing to wait till the upstream link is free before forwarding a packet. There are always random delays like that in any busy network, quite oftem more than the odd millisecond. If the Pi had set up a direct link to somewhere else, that might operate in real time, but it would be either a point to point link or a circuit switched link, whereas all conventional uses of what we generally call Ethernet, certainly on Cat4 or Cat5 cable, are packet switched, hence the semi-randomisation of the timing.

      Ok, you CAN set up an Ethernet type link with deterministic timing, indeed audio people do it regularly from stage box to mixer these days, but it is a point to point connection. For all I know, you may have special routers or switches that can set up a circuit switched connection for you, but neither of these are typical of the normal office environment.

      Nevertheless, a point worth considering seriously, and hopefully more people will add their expertise to this discussion. It has got me thinking....

      Security matters, and if cheap stuff like Pi's can help, that is good.

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