back to article Telcos renew calls to limit metadata retention

Australian internet service provider (ISP) iiNet's chief regulatory officer Steve Dalby has (once again) come out swinging against proposals in Australia to introduce a mass data retention regime, telling a senate committee that the head of ASIO doesn't understand what law enforcement is asking for. Dalby was addressing the …

  1. codebeard

    Because politicians/leaders have nothing to hide, right?

    What's the odds that if some of the "metadata" and browsing history from David Irvine and other government leaders were brought to light, they might change their opinion about the virtues of this invasion of privacy?

    Besides, any real threats to national security would already be employing countermeasures against this kind of surveillance; VPNs, encrypted messages, cheap prepaid phones, proxies, tor, etc.

  2. kartstar

    Thank you iiNet!

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