back to article Cisco to reveal UCS for small businesses

Cisco has quietly released details of a new version of its UCS servers and associated kit dubbed the UCS Mini”. Detailed by blogger Justin Paul and described in several Cisco documents, the new UCS also gets its very own version 3.0 of Cisco UCS manager. That package runs on a new piece of kit, the 6324 Fabric Interconnect, …

  1. Billy7766

    New Ways To Lose Everything

    Excellent! Now I will only lose 15 servers everytime Oracle updates Java, rather than 120! (Assuming I was dumb enough to buy all that oh-so-expensive software to upgrade the ports already paid for)

    Hmmm - I think I might go elsewhere

  2. Billy7766

    New Ways To Lose Everything

    Excellent - now I will only lose 15 servers everytime Java needs an update rather than 120 at a time! Yay! (And also I don't wind up having to pay again to buy ports I already owned)

    Now if only they could get round to fixing the application and management comms being through the same switches I might actually put some in the DC!

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