back to article Facebook haters, look away now: BABY SNAP site's profit is up 138%

Facebook shares have rocketed after the social network biz reported record-setting growth, revenue and margins as it wrung cash from hundreds of millions of mobile users. The Menlo Park ads website reported second-quarter revenues of $2.910bn on Wednesday, beating the $2.81bn Wall Street analysts had been expecting, and up 61 …

  1. Ole Juul

    And you get free cookies too


  2. Paul Crawford Silver badge

    I guess the recent changes to the user-whoring platform to push adverts in to the news feed is working then, but I find it astonishing there is enough sales liked to FB adverts to justify agencies spending "$6.44 in average revenue per user in the US and Canada".

    1. Charlie Clark Silver badge

      I'm surprised, too. What are people clicking on?

      I do wonder whether some of this is driven by companies speculating that it's going to be effective allowing Facebook to keep rates high or whether it's simply selling the oodles of demographic data it has.

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Targeted ads

      Since Facebook knows a lot about the average user, who between the profile stuff like "interests", what they "like" and who their friends are and what their interests and likes are, Facebook can target the ads pretty well. I don't have any interests listed and only a handful of likes.

      There's nothing to tell them I play golf or bike a lot. But somehow I manage to get a lot of targeted ads related to golf and biking. It is creepy, but the average person probably doesn't think twice about it, and I suppose that's better than seeing ads for diapers and tampons.

      But even though I'll never buy something I see advertised that way, because I don't want to encourage it, I'm sure enough do that they can justify paying for it. I think $6+ per user is way too high, but right now is gold rush time. Eventually a lot of advertisers will run the numbers and figure out ads on Facebook aren't worth what they're paying and those revenues will drop because the ones who find out it is worth it and double down on the advertising won't make up the difference.

      1. DiViDeD

        Re: Targeted ads be Buggered!

        My Facebook News Feed gives me the oddest ads - I've had dressmaking patterns, m&m special offers, 'Why don't you buy a Hyundai?' (do they REALLY want to know?) loads of Harvey Norman ads (a particularly sleazy Aussie Home Appliances store I wouldn't enter with a gun to my head).Ads for our TV companies, most popular Hollywood bollockbusters, music by people I've never heard of, and so on. And for some reason, I get a lot of 'Did you know you *might* qualify for a Green Card?' stuff. I think the Green Card ads (sorry - suggested posts) are a fallback for when they have no information on me (which is always).

        But to my certain knowledge, I have never clicked on a single offering. I suppose that makes me a freetard.

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