back to article Google rival BLASTS Almunia 'n' pals for settlement proposals

The lead complainant against Google in the ongoing European antitrust case has accused the Competition Commission led by Joaquin Almunia of "misleading" other Commissioners and the European Parliament about the search giant’s proposals to resolve the matter. In an open letter (PDF) to the Commissioner on Wednesday, search and …

  1. jnffarrell1

    Name a more transparent EU process

    Three times Almunia "market tested" Google proposed code changes; each time Google improved the solution. Foundem proposes to destroy Google. That is transparent.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Name a more transparent EU process (That they can't stand an American company?)

      Three times Almunia did not tell the truth but lied to the EU to try to prevent his competitor from getting an even hearing.

      Google will NEVER get an even hearing in the EU.

  2. Ho Ho Hipster

    People don't like being spied on, it's evil

    Google does evil.

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