back to article Kickstarter tin-rattlers offer reboot of '80s Integrated Space Plan megagraphic

Those readers with a large blank wall space and a penchant for enormous flow charts outlining mankind's future beyond the surly bonds of Earth should nip down to Kickstarter where for a mere $25 you can secure yourself an updated Integrated Space Plan (ISP). The original ISP was an impressive piece of work made back in the …

  1. Brian Miller

    Boots on Mars and break a leg

    Not only do we need a big rocket, we need some sort of artificial gravity on the way over! By the time the astronauts arrive, they'll have lost enough bone density to break their bones in the reduced Martian gravity.

    Better to just send a pair of boots and a Playmonaut to Mars, and then call it a day.

    1. toxicdragon

      Re: Boots on Mars and break a leg

      Spinning the rocket?

      1. VinceH

        Re: Boots on Mars and break a leg

        Or a fantastic new means of propulsion (that doesn't involve lots of mass to weigh the rocket down at launch) so you can accelerate the rocket at 9.8M/s^2 for half the distance and flip it around and decelerate it at the same rate for the other half. (And back again).

        Back of the envelope: the rocket will hit somewhere in the region of 730,000M/s by the mid-point. Best be careful not to bump into anything.

        1. Crazy Operations Guy

          Re: Boots on Mars and break a leg

          Better yet, decelerate at the rate it would be on Mars, and get the astronauts pre-adjusted for the reduced gravity. Make it slow enough and they'll never notice.

    2. Trevor_Pott Gold badge

      Re: Boots on Mars and break a leg

      You are not going to lose that kind of bone density in three months. Especially when we have figured out how to do low-g resistance exercises, (thanks, ISS!). Also: Mars is far lower gravity than Earth. Just don't plan on coming home.

  2. Chris G

    Love the Muzak

    The background elevator muzak throughout the whole video was dreadful, a bit like some of the TV shopping channels but without all of those idiotically smiling people.

    I won't be buying into their plan.

    However if El Reg prints the I(improved)IST on a Teeshirt then I'm in! and I'd like to get in first on a Kickstarter for Mars' first pub The Two Moons, I'm looking for around 5 billion euros to get there, build the pub and stock it. Anyone who donates a million or more gets free beer for life in the first pub on Mars .

    1. Steve Davies 3 Silver badge

      But how long would 'Real' Beer

      take to settle on Mars?

      Could we all die of thirst before it was ready to drink?

    2. 's water music

      Re: Love the Muzak

      Is there room in the car park to set up my hot-dog stand?

      I've got a good feeling about this one.

  3. Stevie


    Not just beers, Martian beers!

    Your round.

  4. Mark 85

    You forgot the link to the Paypal account? Or should we ask the NSA where it is?

    1. stucs201

      It's not just one Paypal account. It's all of them, or at least the ones in existence when Elon Musk (you know, the Space X bloke) had a significant involvement in its early days, from which he made a shitload of cash, which he then used to build rockets.

      1. I ain't Spartacus Gold badge

        Perhaps he's placed a backdoor in the system. Then when he's ready he can pay all his final bills, stock his rocket with the finest goodies and art treasures, and be off to Mars before the rozzers catch up with him.

        There's no extradition treaty with Mars, so he should be dead before the bureaucracy have finished all the paperwork. Let alone built the rocket and trained the police to fly it...

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