back to article Lads from Lagos turn from 419 scams to basic malware slinging

Nigerian scammers are developing beyond 419 advance-fee fraud scams against individuals by using trojans to steal valuable information from businesses instead. Security researchers at Palo Alto Networks reports that cyber criminals in Nigeria have evolved common malware campaigns to infiltrate businesses that have not …

  1. Joe Drunk

    Well this would certainly explain why Prince Matumbo stopped emailing me years ago.

  2. Destroy All Monsters Silver badge

    Engr Ojie Victor

    Soon on Stack Overflow?

  3. Colin Miller

    FB page is back

  4. Proud Father


    "419 scammers are typically experts at social engineering"

    Haha really? Their emails were laughable and quite often amusing to read (on a really slow day).

    1. Destroy All Monsters Silver badge

      Re: Really?

      But then you suddenly feel the irrational need to transfer two thousand five hundred (2500) USD via Western Union money transfer to a lonely lady in the southern lands so that she may buy a plane ticket.

      It's magic!

    2. Old Handle

      Re: Really?

      Well, if you believe the theory that the scam are intentionally made unbelievable so as the weed out anyone the a lick of common sense right from the start...

      1. Proud Father

        Re: Really?

        "Well, if you believe the theory that the scam are intentionally made unbelievable so as the weed out anyone the a lick of common sense right from the start..."

        A very good point, it all makes sense now.

  5. John Tserkezis

    Going on the number guests that Dr Phil had on this subject, you get a good view of the entire sequence of events from first view of profile right to the last of the $100K+ being transferred - it's quite clear they have much more money than sense. Sure, they're at the extreme money end of the scale, but you read about a LOT of scams like this, and they all end the same way - only the amount of money is different.

    You and I, and everyone else here would have spotted the scam from last decade, but we're not the targets.

    When they article says they're social engineering experts - they're right, sometimes they do wander into the realm of smart people. They cross their "t's" and dot their "i's", cover their tracks, plant enough evidence that can't be traced back to anywhere to do the job. But they still mostly don't succeed. When you're dealing with the amount of money out of a smarter person you need to make it worth your while, you can't possibly cover ALL your tracks - it's manufactured bullshit after all. Let's just say the rule of averages means there's still a LOT of people on the "easier" end of the IQ curve to deal with.

    When you're dealing with corporations as targets - that's a different kettle of fish from the start. You're no longer dealing with a "person", rather than an ecosystem. eMail is a good social engineering inroad, because although that ".EXE" is blatantly obvious to most of us, "corporations" as an ecosystem do not generally put rocket scientists on the email front line. There are techniques that cover the corporation, through tools, filtering, training etc - but not everyone does that.

    When emails cost nothing for a million, you're going to get some hits.

  6. Winkypop Silver badge

    It's unkind to mock the less fortunate

    But when it comes to scammers, I make an exception.

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