Android is rubbish says BBC.

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    Android is rubbish says BBC.

    BBC Business Matters July 17 2014

    Audio from 17:43: "Apple is a lot simpler than Android and all of the Google platforms. There are so many - there are multiple types of devices using Android, where as there are only a handfull that use Apple. So if you're in tech support and look after devices that are using your, that are in your office at any one time, it's a lot simpler to use Apple than to use a multiplicity of Android devices ..

    [26:39] right now my Nexus 7 isn't working, which is another reason why IBM did the right thing by going with Apple, as opposed to with Google, because a lot of the time their stuff just doesn't work, whereas Apple seems to work a lot better, so I may have to steal my wife's iPad the next time." Paddy Hirsch

    1. afraidd

      Re: Android is rubbish says BBC.

      Yes,maybe you are right ..

  2. Efros

    Man's on something!

  3. Stephen1984

    apple fan boy detected ...

  4. MustyMusgrave


    Yes, we all know it's a pile of crud, but that's what happens when you let a load of guys take JAVA API's and put then into Linux! Is your android spying on you with your own app's from other app developers, does your android refuse to browse anything but Google? We know how that feel's, trust us, you have our sympathy BBC.

    But in other news, at least the EU is finally getting on the case and getting ready to break up the Googlopoly! Google should be banned in every country in the world and it's CEO should be forced to surrender all it's profits, to benefit the communities in the states where people have been forced out of there homes to make way for higher rent increases for technical workers.

    Tech workers, good way of saying a load of free-loaders and slackers all making a fortune selling rubbish, prioratizing search results and forcing you to look at what they think youd like to see!

  5. Maria_Kylie

    Who said android is rubbish

    have you ever use an android phone.

  6. incredibleairplaneparty

    is that outdated?

  7. kartahon1

    By the time she'd told me there was a problem, the profile Home and main App screens were empty apart from an invitation to visit the Nook Store.????

  8. wolfetone Silver badge

    Google are brilliant at bringing things to market, less so at sustaining them and improving it.

    In fairness to Apple it is simple. There are only really two phones per class. iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus etc.

    I released an app for Android for a client and Google Play does a good job of telling you how many devices the app is compatible for - ~700 out of 1500 (from memory). I mean really? 1,500 devices?! And add to this the app looked crap on a Huawei Ascend Y thing (Android 4.1) compared to a Sony Xperia M2 (Android 4.4), compared to the clients Samsung S5. Different screen sizes, different resolutions, it's incredible really that proper software houses get software to work across all these phones because I sure as hell couldn't get it perfect.

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