back to article PICS: Nokia Lumia 930 – We reveal its ONE unique selling point

The Lumia 930 is the first upmarket phone in eight months from Nokia's former mobile phone division – now owned by Microsoft. The "Microkia" offering is a solid but quite unspectacular upgrade for Windows Phone users. However, there's nothing really new here. If you're looking for a phone with something distinctive, a bit of a …

  1. Khaptain Silver badge

    Lumia 930 - not very luminous.

    After reading the whole article I didn't find anything particularly negative but also didn't find anything particularly positive.

    It reads like "Just another phone". the market is already saturated with great phones in the upper price band.

    Other than the desire to pass into the MS Garden I really can't see any compelling reason for anyone leaving the comfort of the Android/Apple gardens. I could say the same thing for any one the top of the range phones for the moment though.

    I am actually surprised that the Google Nexus is not actually running away with all the prises for the moment as it is cheaper and fills in all the usual tick boxes.

    Glad to see the article didn't concentrate solely on the camera, kudos.

    1. TheVogon Silver badge

      Re: Lumia 930 - not very luminous.

      "Tiles, in any case, are a casualty of the Windows Phone 8.1 makeover and have been deprecated."

      Erm no - no they havnt.

      "The 920 and 1020 each had unique imaging capabilities – with the 920, wobble-free video and decent low-light photography, with the more-talked-about-than-bought 1020, lossless 2.5x zoom. The 930 doesn't"

      Yes it does - 20 megapixel sensor, hardware stabilisation, etc - it sits in between those 2 in terms of capabilities.

      Just got back from my local EE shop and picked up one in Orange with the "£130" wireless starter pack for £359 all in on PAYG (inc £10 compulsory SIM credit).

    2. big_D Silver badge

      Re: Lumia 930 - not very luminous.

      The Nexus is expensive, compared to the likes of the Moto G and Lumia 630.

      As to the review, "damned with faint praise" seems to be the tone of the article.

      "buggy and crufty" 8.1, I've been running it for a couple of months and it has been stable and I haven't noticed any major bugs, which is good for a developer preview.

      Likewise "you forgo a rich app ecosystem." There are several hundred thousand apps out there, I remember a time when Android was poo-pooed by the press, because it couldn't match the 100,000 apps of the iPhone! How times change. That said, I switched from iOS to Android to Windows Phone and have either the same apps on each platform or I have found equivalents of good quality. I can't really complain about a lack of apps.

    3. coolcity

      Re: Lumia 930 - not very luminous.

      What a load of garbage. Why is it if it's not an Apple or Android phone every reviewer on the planet seems to have to slate it? Is it so that they will fit in with everybody else? They don't want to look like an idiot praising a phone that everybody else is slagging off?

      Having gone to look at an LG G3 and been disappointed with the over-hyped screen that doesn't look any sharper than anything else out there (and is actually a bit dull, even on full brightness), I walked out with the Nokia 930. Now I've never been keen on the tiled interface of Windows 8. I think the tiles are too big and there is a lot of wasted space on the screen. The idea is good but I much prefer the traditional desktop where I can see all my icons at once.

      On Windows Phone though it's a different matter. It works perfectly! The tiles are all placed next to each other with no wasted space, easier to arrange and one simple slide left takes you to the A-Z menu. No flipping between screens to find what you want here, while android users are still looking for what they want, Windows phone users are getting on with the job.

      It's simple, and it's brilliant. I have used android for the last few years and tried iOS but Windows Phone just works. The screen is superb, the build quality is superb and a few grams extra weight gives you that feeling of quality that is missing in many flagship phones today. No cheap plasticky feel like the G3 or the S5 here. So you have an easier to use OS (and after a weeks' use I haven't found any bugs), fabulous screen and better build quality. Seriously, what else do you need?

      Simple truth is the Nokia Lumia 930 is a fantastic piece of kit so if you want something a little different without compromising quality forget the reviews, go and take a look instore. You just might be surprised.

  2. LDS Silver badge

    "why change things that worked well?"

    Just because many clueless users and reviewers complained they didn't work like in iOS or Android. Thereby MS decided to ape iOS and Android killing some very useful features and designs of WP.

    Hopefully a lot of users reacted - if you check, "Remove games from the apps list" has already 19000 votes. Unluickily there are users who can't find games under "games" (and them maybe ask for folders to put games in a "games" folder...).

    I'm not sure I'll upgrade my Lumia to WP 8.1. VPN and S/MIME are welcome features, the notification center is somewhat useful (but it's mainly for those who didn't understand how to setup tiles...), but there are many changes that cripple the WP user experience and lower it to old, outdated, less functional designs borrowed since PalmOS by other OSes.

    1. Kristian Walsh

      Re: "why change things that worked well?"

      Folders, apparently, are coming in the first 8.1 update, if that helps.

      Personally, I tend to remove apps I don't use, and pin ones I do to the start page on my Win8 tablet, so I'm not clamouring for folders. I do appreciate, however, that other people's habits are different.

      1. big_D Silver badge

        Re: "why change things that worked well?"

        If you are a Lumia owner and have the Black update from Nokia installed, you can get folders now. The Nokia Folders App is in the App store.

        I tried it, but like Android and iOS, I never really use folders, so I uninstalled it again.

  3. John Lilburne

    Lack of USP?

    It won't be full of snoop ware like an Android, and it won't make you seem like a hipster fanboi like an Apple. That has to count for something.

    1. fishman

      Re: Lack of USP?

      <<It won't be full of snoop ware like an Android>>

      Microsoft, Google, Apple. All American companies. All probably loaded with NSA snoopware.

  4. John Smith 19 Gold badge

    "buggy and crufty Windows Phone 8.1 "

    Excuse me but then it says "on sale in the US for eight months (marketed as a Verizon exclusive "

    TBH what this review seems to be saying is OK hardware, shame about the OS.

    So get the phone, dump the OS and you've got quite a decent package?

  5. jason 7 Silver badge

    It weighs in at 167g, and it's a very heavy 167g.

    So there is also a light 167g then?

    My Nexus 4 in a case weighs 184g. I hardly notice it and I am not burly of frame or a small marsupial. Just a human being.

    167g is not heavy.

    1. John Lilburne

      Re: It weighs in at 167g, and it's a very heavy 167g.

      Hmm 167g is quite heavy for a dope dealer's 8 ounces.

    2. Richard 12 Silver badge

      Re: It weighs in at 167g, and it's a very heavy 167g.

      Yes, it's all about the shape and size.

      A 167g steel ball feels heavier in your pocket than a 167g slab, despite having the same mass.

      It sounds like they misjudged the aspect ratio.

    3. big_D Silver badge

      Re: It weighs in at 167g, and it's a very heavy 167g.

      The Nokia devices aren't heavier than others, but they are dense. They are often more compact, yet weigh a lot for the surface area they have. They feel solid in the hand. That is why bigger phones that weigh the same or more feel subjectively lighter, because you are holding something bigger in the hand that weighs the same, so the smaller object feels heavier.

      It is just the human mind playing tricks on you, the same as optical illusions.

  6. theOtherJT

    Goddamnit Microsoft!

    Stop messing this up! When I bought a windows 7 phone the better part of 4 years ago now it was without a doubt one of the best phones I've ever had. There was so much potential there. Yes, it was missing a lot of things, but as a ground up rewrite after the horror that was windows mobile 6.5 it really did feel like they'd nailed it, and just needed a few point updates to fill in the features that they didn't quite have ready for release days.

    4 years later and not only have they NOT fixed half the things that were wrong with it, they seem to be obsessed with fiddling around with the bits that did work and breaking them all the time.

    I really wanted to like this, because I've never had an android phone I could get on with, but frankly this just Isn't Good Enough.

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Are you sure about that?

    "(you can’t switch back to the traditional Windows Phone two column view)"

    I'm not sure that's strictly the case, if you go to Settings -> Start + Theme and scroll down, there's an option there to switch to the old view.

    1. Andrew Orlowski (Written by Reg staff)

      Re: Are you sure about that?

      Not on the 930 there isn't.

      1. Mike Taylor

        Re: Are you sure about that?

        Andrew, i particularly thank you for this comment - it's a deal-breaker for me, my eyesight just in't good enough to deal with the three column view, and i've had to cancel my order. Shall still be going for a lumia, but not this one

      2. TheVogon Silver badge

        Re: Are you sure about that?

        "Not on the 930 there isn't."

        Correct - just checked mine. Although my you would want to on a 1080p 5" display is beyond me...

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I'm not sure entirely why I like(d) Windows Phone 8 - most likely influenced, in part as I found most apps on both iOS and Android platforms to be basically rubbish (with exceptions, to be sure - none I wouldn't rather use a laptop for) - but nevertheless not having such a wide range of garbage software I didn't care about in the first place wasn't a show stopping issue preventing me from at least taking a chance on the platform. Let's face it - none of them are a Psion Series 5.

    What I use my 920, then 1520 for is communication (oddly, I know) say primarily email and - mobile document (and book - kindle) reading/access (including maps), which benefits from a screen in particular of frequently-remarked-on excessively large size - and (Nokia)'s screens in both my cases were bright, responsive to light touch, and excellent, as compared to iPad 4 & LG/sony android. I certainly don't mind that it can run video (including netflix, though not questionably sourced mkv, directly anyway) and do the other bits like play music perfectly effectively but - love the camera. That was an initial selling point. But for my main uses - what I like, are the simplicity (in general, and hubs) and the tiles and (for 1520 at least) battery.

    Each of which the new WP 8.1 seems to negatively affect, no matter what the device. If I wanted an overcomplicated UI mess that barely ran all day, I could have got an android phablet; but didn't. It remains to be seen with 8.1, if what we're getting isn't just the first iteration of mobile AmalgamOS flavour C.

  9. Kristian Walsh

    Needing to break new ground all the time?

    Well, this is what I'm considering to replace my now nearly four year old N8, so thanks for the review.

    I'm interested in the comment that it's "more of the same". Well, there wasn't really anything lacking on the previous 925, so just an incremental update is enough. Apple's been treading water for a couple of years doing the same thing, and any of the latest Galaxy's "headline" features are just gimmicks (eye tracking??). I'd prefer effort spent on refining the core product functions rather than just throwing random apps at the wall and seeing which ones stick.

    If audio and photo/video is "only slightly better", that does still put it at the top of the class (for audio in particular), even if the photos I've seen still fall short of the big-sensor N8 -- but the days when customers would accept a phone as fat as that camera required are long gone.

    I'm very wary of specs comparisons across different operating systems - Some are meaningless (360dpi or 420dpi -- nobody cares, nobody can see it), and when it comes to CPU/RAM, Android has higher specifications for acceptable user experience than either iOS or Windows Phone, much as an SUV needs more power to match the 0~60 times of a small car. Also, the Indian no-name phone market has shown that while you can achieve a fantastic specsheet at a low, low price, it doesn't mean the thing will still be working properly in six months: there's more to a good product than the chipset. I don't think Nokia have ever released a phone with top computing specs; that's never been where they spend their money.

    The major thing that is putting me off this phone is actually that the display is an active type with no dedicated memory, which means that Nokia's "Glance screen" won't work on it (basically, this is an always-on clock and notifications screen)..

    Incidentally, Clove have this as £435 SIM-free pre-order with a £120 accessory bundle thrown in, which compares favourably with Andrew's £330 option of the 1530 option if you don't want such a large "phone"...

    1. Ian 7

      Re: Needing to break new ground all the time?

      "Clove have this as £435 SIM-free pre-order with a £120 accessory bundle thrown in"

      As mentioned by one of the comments above, EE are currently doing a deal for £359. I've never found Clove particularly cheap, to be honest.

  10. xyz

    well apart from that bloody Bing button

    I love my 925 and can't think of a "missing" app problem I've had, so if you're worried about getting a 930 then don't. If I want to Android up I tether my tablet to the phone and if I want a laugh I go watch my GF throwing her company given iPhone 5S against a wall.

  11. Spearchucker Jones

    I have a 920, which I loved. And stopped using when I got a 1520, which is great because I read a lot on my phone. I imagine I'll upgrade when a 1020 replacement makes an appearance.

  12. Terry 6 Silver badge

    In other words....

    ......Too expensive for someone who just wants a step up from the low end machines. But not good enough for someone who wants a high end machine.

    Overpriced mediocrity.

    1. dogged

      Re: In other words....

      Treading water, probably.

      I have a 920 but am (like many 920 owners) waiting for the update to the 1020, which will hopefully have wireless charging and a bloody micro-sd port.

      1. NeilPost Bronze badge

        Re: In other words....

        920 already has wireless charging.

        1. dogged

          Re: In other words....

          I know that, I've got one. I'd like something with the 1020 camera but the 1020 doesn't have Qi charging and I'd be throwing away my investment in chargers.

  13. Philippe

    the beginning of the end of WP

    Now that MS is clearly in charge and about the cut a big chunk of the old Nokia workforce I wouldn't be surprised if this device is the beginning on a trend.

    Decent kit but without anything exciting to talk about at a non attractive price.

    1. Charlie Clark Silver badge

      Re: the beginning of the end of WP

      I think you may be right. The speed of delivery seems to indicate it's not getting the most love. Now that Microsoft and Intel seem to have come up with a reasonable device with the Surface 3 Pro – reasonable as in a lightweight replacement for corporate laptops – I suspect they will be concentrating on that segment and maybe scaling for some purely business devices.

      I wonder if this is the last of Lumia's with the spankingly good camera technology which Mr O wryly notes, has been more written about that bought.

      Playing devil's advocate here rather than simply bashing Microsoft. I'd be happy to be proved wrong.

  14. John P

    This is the second El Reg review that has referred to Tiles as deprecated, is that actually the case? They are no longer the only notification method but that does not equal deprecation. Given how MS are pushing tiles generally, I find it unlikely that they would deprecate them on the phone which is actually where they work the best.

    I know some have had issues with 8.1 but it is not completely broken, I have had no issues with it whatsoever, not one.

    "Microsoft gave up on integrating social media deeply into the OS" - I would personally say that is in 8.1's favour.

    Overall I would say I have lost nothing through the 8.1 update and gained Notifications and (eventually) Cortana which sounds like it will be useful, but given I only got my 1020 a couple of weeks before signing up to the Dev Preview, it's possible I never got as far as using some of the features that have gone backwards.

    1. Andrew Orlowski (Written by Reg staff)

      "They are no longer the only notification method "

      They never were, WP always had Toast notifications.

      WP tiles should have a Large (2x) size by now, as they do on Win 8.x desktop, and be able to display more than one email /calendar entry etc.

      One thing I didn't notice in the Dev Preview: "Some of your applications are running in the background and are using power, would you like to close them?"

      Just like Android.

      1. Ian 7

        Just because tiles don't have a feature YOU want, doesn't mean they're deprecated. They are most certainly not deprecated.

  15. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    not selling 8.1 to the audience

    You definitely make it sound like Windows mobile 8.1 at this stage is something to be avoided. Most of your complaints about things that have been changed are things I like in my Lumia.

    Pull down notification sounds the worst of the lot for me, but then I have a dead zone of about 5mm at the top of my screen that doesn't respond to touch at all.

  16. tmTM

    Just copying the big boys

    Apple/Samsung/Sony etc

    "Here's our new phone, better than the old phone - look it's one more number higher than the last!"

  17. Marvin O'Gravel Balloon Face

    Any news on whether WP8.1 offers proper support for email attachments?

  18. Arctic fox
    Thumb Up

    I have to say that (I own a Lumia 1020 that I am very pleased with) I am now inclined ..... at least evaluate whether or not I should avoid the upgrade to 8.1 when it arrives up here. ("Up here" being the arctic arse-end of nowhere). I have read reviews by people I also respect that have a rather more positive take on 8.1. However, thank you for a very frank review Andrew all the same. I look forward to those posters (usually AC, natch) who have posted the usual "shill" accusation garbage on other threads connected to your articles related to the Lumia range having to eat their words.

  19. MitchTechGeek

    Windows Phone 8.1 not good?

    Windows Phone 8.1 is amazing. That's it! It is so fluid and a breeze to use. Unlike the so called Android use by the BIG BOYS? Lol! I love the design of the 930 and it is way more stronger than any Android phone out there. Samsung??? Sony??? LG??? Your kidding! I wold rather use a Nokia 1100 than use any of those useless horribly built phone. This phone is solid. Made more Men, Not sissy Girls. It was quite annoying to read this article. I love Apple and the iPhone is no doubt a beauty. But the 930 is nothing less in anyway. In fact, It kicks the iPhones Butt in many ways, if not all. The best part about Windows Phone 8.1 it is fast fluid, and the superb RAM and Processor compliment it in every possible way. There are other better articles about the phone out there. Please read them.

  20. mmeier

    The critical questions are

    + Quality of the phone part in both speach and connection quality

    + Quality / Endurance of the battery (Bonus points for user-changeable ones)

    + How long will it get bug-fixes/patches (Full Upgrades are a bonus)

    + How often does it self-reboot per week

    If it can beat a VEB Plaste and Elaste Note2 there, we might have a winner

  21. Terry 6 Silver badge

    Pretty typical

    I'm as cloise to being a Windows fan as you'll find in these here parts (comes from having been a CP/M user before MSDoS arrived).


    As theOtherJT put it,

    "not only have they NOT fixed half the things that were wrong with it, they seem to be obsessed with fiddling around with the bits that did work and breaking them all the time.

    And that seems so typical of M'Soft in the last few years. A kind of perverse development proccess.

    Develop a product that turns out to have some bits the customers like and some bits they (often predictably) don't.

    Then wreck the bits they like and make worse the bits they don't.

  22. Daniel Bower

    I like it

    There is said it!. Picked mine up today as an upgrade from the 925 and it irons out the niggles I had with it. Display is bigger but as it more edge to edge the phone isn't that much larger. The weight it's fine and the whole device feels solid.

    It had wireless charging built in which accounts for some of the bulk and Nokiasoft have seen fit to include a wireless charging plate in the box.

    The screen is unbelievably good. As a semi pro ' tog beyond ale to accurately review and critique photos is important to me and the display is sublime.

    WP have the bloat of Android so the Snapdragon 800 runs the show incredibly smoothly. 32gb storage and 2gb of system ram is a healthy step up from the 925 also.

    I have been using WP sound the Lumia 800 came out and have been running 8.1 since it was available on dev preview and its impressive to see how the OS has matured over time. It is now supremely useable, stable and slick.

    IMHO a great phone and a keeper for the foreseeable future...

  23. NeilPost Bronze badge

    3 SIM Only

    Your EE contract...

    Get yourself a 3 One Plan SIM only 12 month. £15/month, 2,000 minutes, 5,000 texts, all you can eat data, free 'feels like home' roaming in 15 countries, 4G when they complete their network at no extra cost, and as the real deal kicker free tethering.

  24. antwan


    I seriously think Microsoft's problem is its users. Windows 8 is a great PC os which is miles ahead of windows 7, but they had to botch w7 features back in to satisfy people who just 'Don't like change'. The same is true with WP8.1 its a vast improvement on wp8 and seems to be getting more hate than its predecessor. The app problem is non existent, I'm a heavy phone user and never complain about missing any apps. People need to pull their collective heads out of their backsides and look at products for what they are.

    1. theOtherJT

      Re: PEBCAK

      I'm really not sure that's true. Yes, the Windows 8 core is better than the 7 one, but in so many respects the UI is fundamentally broken.

      I know this is my go-to example, so it's been said many times before, but in Windows 8 there is no way to remove a cached wireless network that you can no longer see except via the command line! That's insane.

      They fixed it in 8.1, but how the hell did that get through testing in the first place? I mean _why_ would you take the right click away from the wireless management? Why did they take away the "manage wireless networks" tab (which incidentally, even in 8.1 is still missing) from the network and sharing center? It just demonstrates a fundamental lack of thought about how the machine is likely to be used outside of some idealized testing environment.

    2. Marvin O'Gravel Balloon Face

      Re: PEBCAK

      Hehe, that reminds me of a response that a tour operator penned to one of its more belligerent complainers. It went something along the lines of,

      "...You should be aware that over the past few years we have made great strides in improving all aspects of our holidays. We have also taken the decision to improve the quality of our customers, and as such we would appreciate it if you did not book with us again next year...."

  25. Rallicat

    The degree to which the point is missed is tremendous.

    What we have here is a modern refresh of the Lumia 920. That much should be abundantly clear. Whilst it's relatively well rumoured that a phone with a few more tricks up it's sleeve could well be coming later in the year, the timing of the 930 is obvious. It's been launched to show off Windows Phone 8.1, and get /that/ OS into the hands of reviewers.

    The approach of integrated hubs and experiences just didn't work well in the long run. Baking those things into the OS made it more difficult to update with new functionality without having to push out an OS update. So what we have instead is a whole range of new functionality that arguably should have been there a long time ago.

    The idea here is to make a bit of a statement 'look, we can do what those other phones can'. Complaints like 'it doesn't have a notification centre' now go away - but that's fine, because reviewers will always find something new to complain about. Now the complaint is that it somehow Windows Phone 'hasn't stayed true to itself' - as if said reviewers had been praising it all along.

    In reality Windows Phone has now taken a big leap forward, and this new milestone is the perfect jumping off point for another 12 months of minor feature pack updates which will keep on making Windows Phone better.

  26. Morat


    Does it have either BTLE or ANT+ ?

    iPhone has BTLE and Various Androids have one or both - very useful for the gym, cycling etc.

    1. Daniel Bower

      Re: Sensors

      Yes it has BTLE. I don't know if any phone that is Ant+ compatible...

      1. Morat

        Re: Sensors

        Cool, thanks!

        Sony Z1/Z1C and Samsung Note2 have ANT+ (not an exhaustive list)

    2. dogged

      Re: Sensors

      All the Lumias have BTLE.

  27. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Typically Nokia then.

    They were selling the same old shit repackaged for much of the 2000s before 2007 when they realised they had a problem.

  28. Mike Taylor

    Got the lumia 1520 instead

    Had a look around the high street - the 930 is *everywhere*, so congrats to Nokiasoft's channel marketing team. Had the 925 pushed at me too, very cheap now. Didn't have the problem with the fixed three column screen as I thought I would do, the screen is absolutely knock-me-down brilliant. But I ended up getting a 1520. Few reasons - battery life is better, extendable memory. Same hardware, more-or-less. Means I can dump the blasted ipad when I travel, thank f---. I almost returned it though, too me a couple of hours to get used to holding it. I have biggish hands, but not insane, I can hold it and operate it with the thumb of the same hand just fine. It's perfectly proportioned for a trouser pocket, it's a little long for a shirt pocket - might look a bit odd, might also fall out of it. I don't have the issues with 8.1 that I feared, I can't really see the difference that much. A couple of apps struggle with the screen size, whatsapp is one of the guilty parties - the smallest font is a bit too big. Other than that, I am very happy. Obviously I would have liked the free wireless charger :/

  29. chrisouth

    Nokia Lumia 930 Overheating Issue and atrocious service

    I purchased a brand new Nokia Lumia 930 from Singtel Singapore on a contract. The phone would heat up during normal use (making phone calls, checking email, browsing internet, etc..) after two weeks the screen starting showing signs of heat damage.

    I would have expected a nokia phone to have lasted longer than two weeks!?

    On the recommendation from the Singtel retail store I handed my phone into Nokia Singapore (Harbourfront) to be repaired under warranty. Although I would have really expected a replacement handset given that the phone was only 3 weeks old at this point. Apple seem to provide this service all through their warranty period.

    After three weeks and I was still waiting for my phone to be repaired. I tried calling the service center over 20 times, yes over 20 times and with no reply. I also tried calling Nokia support and it is so automated that there is no option to talk to a person regarding my service request or just in general (it has now been changed). I also tried re-visiting the service center where I dropped off the phone and it had closed down! With a note to call Nokia AKA the same I tried before which is (was) useless to a human being.

    When I did finally got hold of a Nokia rep over virtual chat, they were helpful in answering my questions and providing an update but with no real result. I was told that the service center are waiting on an important part to arrive but without a date when it might arrive.

    Well it's now been over five weeks that Nokia Singapore has had my phone. Apparently the parts are still on their way and the delay is due to bulk shipping them... really? from where the moon???!

    The Nokia rep was pretty much useless (again). In that he couldn't provide a timeframe or even escalate my call other than add a priority to the repair once the part(s) arrive, whenever that might be.

    According to Nokia's own Limited Warranty, "During the warranty period, Manufacturer will, in a reasonable time, remedy the Defect free of charge by either repairing or replacing the defective Product or the defective part of it at its option provided that you have informed Manufacturer of the Defect before the warranty period expires." Anyone with an iodate of common sense would determine that 5 weeks for a phone repair is beyond a "reasonable time".

    Surely it must be cheaper to just provide a replacement phone than ship parts over to Singapore??

    I purchased this phone from Singtel and its just money wasted as far I'm concerned as what is the point on owning a phone without being able to use it?

    Nokia Service in Singapore is absolutely atrocious and non-functioning, compounded with an unannounced service center closure I don't see a future for Nokia here.

    Also given my recent experience this will be the last Nokia phone I'll be getting, back to HTC or even Samsung for me.

    The whole experience has been utterly frustrating.

    Shame on you Nokia.

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