back to article FORGOTTEN Bing responds to search index ECJ ruling: Hello? Remember us?

Microsoft's neglected search engine Bing - which commands a tiny 2.5 per cent share in the European Union, where Google dominates the market - has finally created a mechanism for netizens to submit requests to have certain links removed from its index. It comes after a recent European Court of Justice ruling required search …

  1. Anonymous Blowhard

    Bing Bong!

    Isn't being "found" by Bing as good as being forgotten?

    Anyway, I'm off down the library to get some old newspapers, that may have articles mentioning me, filed away in a locked filing cabinet stuck in a disused lavatory with a sign on the door saying "Beware of The Leopard".

    1. PhilBuk

      Re: Bing Bong!

      There's a guy there named Winston Smith. Have a word with him and he'll get any references removed. He may go a little bit too far though.


  2. Pete 2 Silver badge

    Bing Is Not Google

    As far as being forgotten goes, maybe someone filed a request on behalf of the Bing executives for their whole search engine to be forgotten. They certainly got their wish.

    1. Pete 2 Silver badge

      Re: Bing Is Not Google

      Crikey! 3 thumbs down. I'm impressed and slightly flattered that Bing managed to muster it's entire user base to support its position.

  3. Simon Harris

    If a link is there on a search engine...

    but there's nobody there to search for it,

    does it really exist?

    1. 33rpm

      Re: If a link is there on a search engine...

  4. kevin biswas

    Bing ?

    Aren't they the ones who re-branded as hotbot a couple of years ago ? Or was it hotmail who re-branded as MSN somthing mumble ? geocities ?

  5. Major Ebaneezer Wanktrollop

    Bing should file for its own right to be forgotten

  6. Tom Wood

    Are the 2.5% of people

    Over-keen SEO folks who are paid to make sure things are listed in Bing...?

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    "Google has ... about the judgment ... wrongly spread fear"

    Says you.

  8. Jim 59


    My blog stats over the last few days:

    558 referrals from

    306 referrals from

    163 referrals from

    74 referrals from


    5 referrals from

    4 referrals from

    1. roselan

      Re: Bing

      wow, you got referrals from ""?

      1. ElReg!comments!Pierre

        Re: Bing (

        Clearly a clever scheme from Google to avoid the French ban on free shipping of readers to blogs.

        1. Will Godfrey Silver badge

          Re: Bing (

          Good lord! They're shipping readers now. Where to? I think we need to know!

  9. VinceH

    "Please, folks, make us feel important: Ask us to forget you..."

  10. Graham Marsden

    Right to be forgotten...

    ... sorry, who are you? Bing? Nope, never heard of you...

    See, it works!!!

  11. jnffarrell1

    EU is getting worse than CA (except for lawyers)

    EUJ has given crackpots with lawyers the right to sue 28 countries in order to be forgotten.

    Laughably the EUJ thought it was giving people the right to harass Google. As Maxwell Smart would say, "Missed it by that much".

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