back to article Supposed 'leader' of LulzSec pleads guilty to hacking, hubris

Matthew Flannery, once paraded by the Australian Federal Police (AFP) as the “leader” of international hacking collective LulzSec, has pleaded guilty to the five remaining charges against him, in Gosford Local Court. Flannery has waited since April 2013 to have the case settled. He is to be sentenced at a later date. At the …

  1. Gray Ham

    Well, that was obviously worth all the police and court resources expended on the case. Now we can all sleep safe in our beds, happy in the knowledge that this threat to our way of life has been removed.

  2. dean_papa

    Good Riddens

    We need to stop feeling pity for these guys. They're goal is to create instability for political or social gain. These guys aren't heroes. They work in the shadows...


    1. Acme Fixer

      Re: Good Riddens (sic)

      Riddance, I I R C.

      Yeah. In a very somber ceremony, line 'em up against the wall and shoot 'em - with blanks. See how much fear and sweat they have; see if they need a change of underwear. Maybe he'll think twice when they tell him that next time the victims get to choose the type of bullet - real or blank.

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