back to article Firefox OS lands in Germany – with France, Asia, and more to come

Mozilla's Firefox OS continues its slow march across the globe, with carriers set to begin shipping devices running the open source, browser-based smartphone platform in additional developed markets this week. Spanish telecoms giant Telefónica has previously sold Firefox OS phones in Spain, but the bulk of its efforts have …

  1. Dan 55 Silver badge

    Samsung seem to be spectacularly unable to do anything with Tizen so it's theirs for the taking.

  2. Philippe

    so much potential, so little momentum..

    After a year on the market, after presenting some seriously up to date version 2.0 of the OS, it's still near impossible to buy the bloody thing.

    Where are the Sony Firefox OS phones? Where are the proper European Operators, and why can't our US cousins get some of these too?

    Seriously Mozilla, what are you waiting for?

    1. Caspy7

      Re: so much potential, so little momentum..

      This post from Mozilla makes the case that there is indeed strong momentum (though the numbers surely don't look highly significant compared to Android):

      On the topic of US entry, Sprint had originally thrown their hat in verbally, but later backed off. I'm pretty sure that they and others have not yet partnered with with Mozilla to introduce FxOS phones to the US because of it's perceived maturity. Most Americans have some particular expectations of a smartphone and many would likely be disappointed at the state that the OS was in (also worth mentioning is a smaller number of apps). Many western reviewers who have gotten their hands on devices, being used to Android and iPhones, have panned them.

      The last I heard Mozilla *was* interested in bringing them to the US (hence the Sprint partnership) but they do not currently have a willing partner.

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