back to article Rackspace chases the channel with hands-on 'managed cloud'

Rackspace has decided that cloud users want more than self-service and has launched a “managed” cloud service that will see it feed and groom its customers' cloudy servers. The company's post about the new service says “We’re targeting businesses and developers who want to tap the power of the cloud without the pain of running …

  1. Graham 24

    Odd units

    >>> Those who sign up for “managed operations” pay $US0.02 per GB per hour support cost with a minimum monthly spend of $500.

    I realise the article is only quoting the Rackspace web page, but how on earth do you measure support costs in GB? GB of what?

    1. Essuu

      Re: Odd units

      GB hours of the servers deployed in the Rackspace Cloud. The bigger the machines the higher the cost. Interesting choice of pricing model as running 8 x 1GB servers is probably more work than 1 x 8GB server.

  2. Stuart 22

    We now control your data - and here our our new charges, T&Cs ...

    Cloud computing is a great euphemism for centralization of computer services under one server ~ Evgeny Morozov

    Our commercial and technical relationships with these companies was cloudy. Perhaps murky would be a better word. It all starts so well cheap or even free storage, one click to donate your data. It's so easy.

    Then you are no longer in control. Opting out is difficult and expensive. Rackspace are now doubt taking notes on the ways IBM held hegemony over their user's IT and data for decades.

    This week we went with the open source ownCloud on our own servers. We are in control and its just our time that costs. We understand exactly where the backups are and can go poke at them at any time if we want to experiment.

    I now sleep sounder at night.

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