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    Can't you show in my comments how many people have replied, I have to go to each article, find the comments, and see if anyone has replied.

    Also it would be nice if you can write who people are replying to. Most of the time it's impossible to tell what people are replying to.

    1. I ain't Spartacus Gold badge

      Re: About comments

      Many commentards agree. See the huge feature suggestion threads. Although I've yet to come across any forum software that handles everything well. But it would certainly be nice not to miss out on conversations with people who've replied to you. And fully threaded forums would be far better.

      As to your second point. There is a way of telling which post a reply is to. Not that it's by any means perfect. But if you click on the little grey swirly arrow thing on the left of the post, which is there to tell you it's a reply, it puts the post its replying to right to the top of the screen. Which I do in the most confusing cases.

  2. RISC OS

    hmmm.. "your profile" at the guardian seem to have no trouble showing replies... maybe the register could do look at how they do it! This is supposed to bea tech site ;)

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