back to article 'Father of Zeus' banking trojan appears at very reasonable price

A banking trojan dubbed the father of the infamous Zeus malware is being flogged on cybercrime marketplaces for a pricey $7000, says fraud specialist Etay Maor. The Kronos malware was sold on a cybercrime forum, pitched particularly to Zeus trojan customers given its capabilities to re-use that trojan's form grabbing templates …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Isn't it time for the Open Source revolution?

    ... to conquer also malware tools? Personally, if I was planning on spreading a botnet I'd not trust anything for which I did not had the source code. I mean, after you pay $7000 for a piece of software designed to steal data, what assurances I have that the same software is not going to steal the data I stole?

    1. LucreLout Silver badge

      Re: Isn't it time for the Open Source revolution?

      "...what assurances I have that the same software is not going to steal the data I stole?"

      The honour among thieves?

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Big Brother

    Browser trojan?

    "Kronos, which took its name after the father of Zeus in Greek mythology, worked with the most common browsers and could bypass a variety of security mechanisms."

    I guess, Kronos doesn't run on Apple/Android/Linux, else you wouldn't be so coy in mentioning the underlying OPERATING SYSTEM.

  3. g00se

    Researchers have not reverse [sic] Kronos to determine its capabilities.

    Why? Not important enough to be arsed?

  4. Queasy Rider

    How naive am I?

    It simply amazes me that such large electronic money transfers can't be followed in real time by law enforcement to be there to cuff the miscreants as they collect their booty. I realize that the cuffees are normally mules but nabbing them repeatedly ought to put a crimp in their handlers' activities since the whole criminal enterprise depends on somebody picking up the CASH somewhere. NSA, you seem to know every time I pick my nose or blink. Pull out your finger and get on this.

    How naive am I? Very it seems.

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