back to article Reg hardware hunter spots HP SlateBook 14 Android in the wild

July isn’t over yet and so it follows, neither is, er, marketing Christmas*. This time Currys/PC World was playing host to this summer PR tech fest that showcases products that’ll be in stores leading up to festive season. Push aside the wrapping paper and ribbons and with any luck you’ll spot an early outing of a product or …

  1. bed

    Spooling mistook?

    "...but really, it’s just a case just low-fi laptop speakers again".

    Not sure what that is supposed to mean.

  2. Buzzword

    Full HD

    Kudos to HP for having possibly the first Full HD laptop at just £329. Everything else at that price is horrible x768. Ok so it doesn't run Windows, but that won't matter for a great many people.

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