1. Graeme5

    FIlter Articles

    Hi, sorry if this has been asked a thousand times... but...

    I read the register most days but every so often I get to the bottom of an article which has completely missed the mark and stated nothing more than the blinding obvious. It's really disappointing as most articles are actually worth reading.

    Feature suggestion

    There may be solution though, interestingly all these articles are labeled with a marker of such drivel. Specifically at the bottom of each is a picture of a man(?) and the name "Alistair Dabbs" Is there a way I can filter my El Reg experience so that this doesn't occur, maybe a hide "Alistair Dabbs" button, I'm sure I could do this on facebook.

    I look forward to this feature and will keep checking the homepage for my new button, please put it in a prominent position, its a very important button.


    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: FIlter Articles

      I'll take "That'll never happen" for $10,000, Alex.

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