back to article What PC sales slump? That's ALL OVER, declares Gartner

An optimistic new report from Gartner suggests that the PC market may actually be returning to growth, with most of the sales going to top-name vendors. By Gartner's estimates, worldwide PC shipments were essentially flat for the second quarter of 2014, growing just 0.1 per cent when compared to the same period a year ago. But …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Gartner is always more optimistic about PCs than reality

    They only predicted drops after 2+ years of PC sales drops going against their predictions, so they predicted much smaller drops than what actually happened. Due to a brief blip from XP replacement they seem to be thinking growth is back on the table, but that blip will be past before the year's out and it'll be back to negative growth.

    Gartner continues to not understand just how much of the PC business has been based on people who have very modest needs from a PC, which can easily be satisfied by a tablet or smartphone. Same mistake techies make when it is suggested to them - they defend all the things they do that they couldn't do on a tablet, but it isn't about people who work with computers 8 hours a day. It is about ordinary people who use them 8 hours per week or per month.

  2. ps2os2

    PC sales are up?

    As long as there are XP licenses are available they are.

  3. The Godfather


    somebody should bang the heads of analysts like Gartner, IDC et all to get them to sing off the same song sheet....none of them come up with rational common announcements looking at the same figures...

  4. Fungus Bob

    Well thats OK, then

    If Gartner says it, it *must* be true.

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