back to article Wannabe Startup CEOs Hate This Guy: Potato Salad man and the $60k

The future of startups is the chopping board, not the computer keyboard. In fact, there's one weird trick that if properly platform-ized could net a canny startup a mouthful of cash. Interested? [This better be good - Ed] That secret to startup liquidity, which The Register is able to reveal to you, dear reader, today, lies …

  1. ashdav

    Kickstarter has now joined Farcebook and Twatter as the hangout of fools.

    Kudos to Mr Brown though for having a laugh.

    1. Originone

      Some might suggest it is the internet generally that is the hang out of fools.

      1. ashdav
        Thumb Up

        Some might suggest it is the internet generally that is the hang out of fools

        Yes but are you just looking or participating?

        Gave you an upvote anyway

      2. John Tserkezis

        "Some might suggest it is the internet generally that is the hang out of fools."

        Hey! I resent tha... Oh, sorry. As you were.

    2. DNTP

      A healthier perspective is to think of this guy as an entertainer. He's like the guy playing that guitar in the subway or doing improv in the park. He's not founding a startup and recruiting capital, he's just funny enough being himself that a few thousand people were entertained enough to give him a few bucks, without having to actually be "sold" on any kind of "value". Which is actually a pretty uplifting message about the value of creativity to society.

      1. Yet Another Anonymous coward Silver badge

        Or the guy who did the $1M homepage nearly 20years ago - if it's so stupid why didn't I think of it !

        1. MrT

          Seen in Private Eye 1369...

          ... this cartoon. Seems to catch the current mood spot on :-)

    3. RedneckMother


      Love the "farcebook" and "twatter" - how about "kickf*cker"? "c*ckstarter"?

    4. Michael Wojcik Silver badge

      Kickstarter has now joined Farcebook and Twatter as the hangout of fools.


  2. Charles Manning

    Will he really make a huge profit though?

    He has promised hats and shipping out bites of potato salad. Multiply that by a few thousand and the wad of cash isn't all that high any more.

    1. Grikath

      Re: Will he really make a huge profit though?

      ah.... but the point of the whole exercise is that it's an investment... No actual guarantees.

      The art at the base of Kickstarter ( and like setups) is to find the few gold nuggets in the field. You simply don't have to have oodles of cash lying around to participate in the same amount of risk.

      1. Thomas Whipp

        Re: Will he really make a huge profit though?

        Kickstarter isn't what I'd call an investment - its a funding platform where people donate to enable a project to proceed. Typically for larger donations they get something back, but the low level donations this may simply be their name listed on a website.

        If one of these projects suddenly becomes a multi-billion dollar success, then the original people who funded it don't get a large return.

        At most this is an "investment" in the same way that an ebay purchase is.

        There are true investment type sites for start-ups, but they are high risk and require a lot more than a couple of £/$ to participate.

  3. Sam Stevens

    Well, thats one way to earn a /salary/.

    1. Frankee Llonnygog

      Make a Waldorf salad

      You could earn a celery

      1. chivo243 Silver badge

        Re: Make a Waldorf salad

        Not if you ordered at Fawlty Towers! - Basil! I think we’re just out of Waldorf?

  4. Number6

    Of course, if he'd care to try alternative salads, he could become a tosser.

  5. DropBear

    So that's why every second new project on KS is some sort of dish, for about two says now... it figures.

  6. James Boag

    Back in the day

    It was not always this way, Back when a 404 error existed in one place, tit interwebs was a place to hide from the madness of celebrity, where information flow from one person to another and gained something on the way,

    Me I blame AOL and all these disks the sent out, even if 1 in 100 fools managed to get the disk in the correct slot the correct way up, eventually the fools would take over !

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    You won't believe?

    Is The Reg poaching sub-eds from Buzzfeed now?

  8. Peter Johnstone

    Solar Roadways

    At least this project is something that is technically possible, unlike solar freaking roadways!

    1. Otto is a bear.

      Re: Solar Roadways

      I think you mean technically sensible, it's possible, just not sensible.

  9. Valeyard


    the real story should be "lots of idiots give some guy some money for free because he's just to so damn RANDOM!"

    theregister aside, this is why i avoid most areas of the internet where there's a danger of me interacting with too many other people. fucking calling each other 'Bro' and everything. Horrible when you get a student placement at work nowadays and they emulate this exact behaviour and you can predict 90% of the next day's conversation by looking at reddit

    "oh great. tomorrow the conversation will be about a cat falling off a roof onto a bouncy castle. I don't have to bother having that conversation now."

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    It looks to be fake or a joke

    I watched the fund drop from 45k to 15k within 5 mins, I think some people are making huge donations to push the project into the media eye then pulling out.

    1. Steve Gill

      Re: It looks to be fake or a joke

      It's definitely a joke, quite an amusing one too.

      I just hope he gets enough out of it to complete the set by making a silly potato salad video.

  11. robmobz

    Spam filters

    The title of this article tripped my spam filter. It looks like one of the scam adverts you see in less diserning parts of the net.

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