back to article Korea’s third biggest phone maker faces $180m OBLITERATION

Troubled Korean handset manufacturer Pantech's stay of execution is drawing to a close as its creditors take action over the firm's 480bn won ($475m, £277m) financial black hole. The mobile networks might bail Pantech out in order to have a rival for LG and Samsung. However, Korea Business reports that the networks are looking …

  1. PaulM 1

    Pantech seems to only sell low end Android phones. I can how the Google One standard Indian Android phones will wipe out these phones. People are prepared to pay for all of the fancy features of a high end none upgradable Samsung phone. What people do not want is an unremarkable Android phone which can not be updated to the latest version of Android.

    1. Voland's right hand Silver badge

      You have misidentified the customer

      What people do not want is an unremarkable Android phone

      People do not. Operators do. Pantech does not cater to people's needs, it caters to operator's needs.

      That is why if anyone will bail it out, it will be the operators so that they have a disposable el-cheapo option for the pre-payed crowd.

      1. pierce

        Re: You have misidentified the customer

        bingo... remember, we are NOT the customer, we are the PRODUCT.

  2. Fihart

    Duff name doesn't help.

    Pan(asonic) Tech(nics). Reminds me of Suny radios sold in Africa or NCKLA phones.

    Of course the Koreans ain't great at names, Lucky Goldstar was well overdue a change to LG.

    I was surprised to see Daewoo folding bicycles now branded Chevrolet.

  3. bex

    It's hard to make a living as a bottom feeder ask Dell

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