back to article China blocks Flickr and OneDrive

China appears to have tweaked the Great Firewall to block Yahoo!'s Flickr photo-sharing service and Microsoft's OneDrive cloud storage offering. The timing of the blocks, reported by transparency monitoring outfit, looks convenient inasmuch as Hong Kong this week saw substantial pro-democracy rallies in Hong Kong …

  1. Chris G Silver badge

    Let them eat cake

    But we get to decide the flavour, size and colour.

    1. sandman

      Re: Let them eat cake

      One cake to rule them all?

      Anyway, choice of cake is a nasty capitalist, hegemonist idea, dreamed up by the imperialist paper-tigers and their cadres of running-dogs.

      Why yes, I have read the thoughts of Chairman Mao, how could you guess? ;-)

    2. Brandon 2

      Re: Let them eat cake

      The cake is a lie

  2. Chris Parsons Bronze badge


    Although communism is a very fine idea, which would be wonderful if people were altruistic, one has to despair of the state that is at war with its own people...mind you, getting like that here now.

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