back to article Dragons' Den newbie firm Outsourcery: We are losing sales, we need to go DIRECT

Generals in the war-room at cloudy Brit biz Outsourcery are hiring direct sales reps in the public sector amid concerns that channel partners alone are not hitting the mark just yet. The AIM-listed outfit has been forced to slash costs because the pipeline of deals brought to the table by third-party resellers are taking …


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  1. Khaptain Silver badge

    As solid as a puff of smoke

    >next have swung from a profit of £3.5m to a net loss of £1.4m.

    So what happend to the £4.9m ?

    >Outsourcery has sufficient cash flow for the short term, it said, but over the medium term - in line with the monthly recurring revenue delay - the company warned it is reviewing options to improve working capital.

    In other words they are next to broke - Sufficient short term cash flow usually means that they are in a borderline position and that any unexpected bump will send them under.

    1. SVV

      Yep, looks like Bankruptery

      Should we move all our IT infrastructure to a company losing millions that sounds like it may not last til the end of the year?

      Erm, no.

      I liked your press release translator too, so I had a go at building one myself :

      > "The large scale pipeline build of our strategic partner channel has taken long to ramp due to delays finalising the necessary organisational, system and their sales force readiness."

      In other words, our shit's not selling, because nobody's selling it.

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