1. andreas koch

    WP8 app

    Hi Reg,

    the Register WP8 app consistendly fails to load comments in-app with the error that it can't access the comments at the moment. Is there a hard link that has changed and was not updated?

    It's not super critical, as there's a link to 'view in browser', and there's also the mobile site...

    But there's nothing but complaints in the WP app store about the comments being broken.

    Might be an idea to let someone at Ocasta or whoever did the WP app have a look at it.



  2. Russell Hancock

    Offline reading?

    Hi Reg,

    With the Win Phone app (and others probably) is there a way you could add a "read offline" mode? that way i can download a load of stories to read on the train while i have not signal to get them in real time...

    i don't even mind if you save you adverts offline as well as long as it works without signal!

    1. Drewc (Written by Reg staff) Gold badge

      Re: Offline reading?

      Hi there - the Winphone app is a difficult one for us - there simply isn't enough users for us to justify updating this at the moment. This could change.

      1. Russell Hancock

        Re: Offline reading?

        Does that explain why you can't see comments on the WinPhone app? every time i try (3G / 4G / WiFi) it always says "I'm Sorry, I was unable to retrieve the comments. Please check your connection and refresh"...

        This has happened for a couple of weeks now (roughly).

        I do understand about the lack of users though...

        1. andreas koch

          @ Russell Hancock - Re: Offline reading?

          Seems to be like that on every WP.

          It looks as if the Reg did this themselves, because if it would have been done by someone else, I wouldn't give a monkey's whether it has a 500-million-user or a 74-user base,

          I'd ask them to fix their mistakes.

          1. Drewc (Written by Reg staff) Gold badge

            Re: @ Russell Hancock - Re: Offline reading?

            We haven't done anything! A third party company built the app for us. We don't maintain it - and neither are we prepared to update it - not enough readers. If we charged, would people pay?

            1. andreas koch

              @ Drewc

              Whooo, easy! I didn't mean that you broke it or anything, I suggested that you probably programmed the WP version inhouse. My reason for this:

              It never loaded the comments. So there was always a fault with it. An external company would be asked to deliver a servicable piece of code.

              I ask $plumber to fit a kitchen sink. He does, but the hot water tap does not work. I complain and he comes and fixes it. At no extra cost.

              Ocasta made an app. An important part of this app never worked. They should fix it.

              It should cost you (the Reg) no more than the time to write an email. Regardless of amount of readers or updating or whatever.

              Nothing to charge, nothing to pay.

              Ok, agreed, no ad revenue lost if all of 12 7 5 WP users don't use the app or the site . . .

              But for a working app, I think people rather would pay. Useless freebies can be had by the million.

              Time for me to go and get an Android phone, maybe. Oh wait, that app doesn't work either. Time for a new contractor, maybe?

              Sorry, starting to get snarky here, I'll shut up now.

      2. andreas koch

        @ Drewc - Re: Offline reading?

        I hear what you're saying.

        Thanks for the line.

  3. dogged

    I'll write one for you if you want. Charge a quid, I get half and you get half.

    Your forums aren't exactly RESTful though so I sympathize with the original 3rd party.

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