back to article BOOM BOOM: Dixons fires the human cannon

Dixons claims to have fired about 50 workers out the redundancy cannon in its latest battle against the human costs of doing business. At least 100 staff based at the Hemel Hempstead office were put on a 45-day notice of redundancy in early May, just days before Dixons went public with the £3.7bn Carphone Warehouse mega borg …


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  1. MR J

    DSG Staff putting two and two together....

    From what I know of them that's probably taken a strain on them mentally...

    1. Bobby Omelette

      To be fair ...

      ... The insider just said they 'were putting two and two together', but stopped short of guessing what the correct answer was.

  2. Ragarath

    Wait 6 months

    Then there will be another round. Makes some happy waves because they said 100 and only 50 are going. Be happy! Until the axe strikes again.

  3. Steve Davies 3 Silver badge

    DSG? Are they still in Business?

    Wonders will never cease.

    I thought they'd fired everyone and died a quiet death. Well, my local store was always deathly quiet with hardly anything to sell. Those huge gaps between stuff didn't fool anyone you know.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Fewer staff

    To ignore customers...

    1. Tsung

      Re: Fewer staff

      To hound customers don't you mean?

      I play store pac-man; avoiding the "helpful" staff where-ever possible.

      1. AMBxx Silver badge

        Re: Fewer staff

        Those extended warranties won't sell themselves you know.

  5. Valeyard

    Ah Dixons

    I was actually using my Dixons branded tape deck yesterday for the Spectrum

    I had no idea they were still in business and therefore my impression of them is as a wonderful company who take a direct hand in loading manic miner for me

    that tape deck will outlive them

  6. Sheep!

    Given that DSG owns Dixons, Curry's and PC World and now there is no competition any more from Comet, I think their demise will be a long time coming.

    1. rhydian

      Amazon, John Lewis and Appliances Online should do the job given enough time. Unfortunately some people still see tham as the "go to" for an overpriced appliance with a pricey extended guarantee

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