back to article Rackspace gives world the servers Google and Amazon keep secret

Troubled hosting company Rackspace has brewed up a life-saving potion based around the secret technologies developed by some of the web's giants. That project, "OnMetal Servers", gives customers the option of renting dedicated hardware from Rackspace based on designs similar to the secret servers operated by Google and Amazon …


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  1. Denarius
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    good luck and success to them

    A move away from virtual everything countering the cloudy winds. Is the fog clearing at last from the Cloud so appropriate architectures for each problem can be considered again ? Management of the IT infrastructure was always the core issue, virtualisation is only part of the solution pool.

  2. Stretch



    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: peopleware

      I like it better than 'human capital.'

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