back to article You know what they say: What happens in Vegas, goes on the internet – right, HP 3PAR guys?

Hush there, 3PAR fans, and know of the rumours whispered into my ear following HP's Discover confab in Las Vegas this month. Here we go: We’ll see a better unified management console and new Remote Copy. We heard about triple data-centre replication with zero data-loss; async streaming for Remote Copy to give EMC's SRDF a …


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  1. Nate Amsden

    Not new

    Async streaming replication and file /object stores on 3par nodes announced a year ago if not earlier(that is when I saw them speak publically on it anyway)

    Im another el reg article I pointed to videos hp posted of that event, which was sveral hours long. Not hard to find but I am on my phone so kinda pita.

    Real time compression coming too if you want to write about a rumor on that(see above earl).

  2. dubno


    What has happened to El Reg?

    with a title like that I was Ohh! clicky clicky expecting see blow n hookers and all manner of executives caught in compromising positions...

This topic is closed for new posts.

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