back to article EXPLICIT PICS: We take you inside Adobe's Creative Cloud update

Adobe has announced a revamp of its Creative Cloud suite, updating 14 core apps and adding new mobile apps and hardware too. Adobe Ink and Slide Adobe Ink and Slide hardware for iPad made in collaboration with Adonit Despite bringing many a creative business to its knees last month with its Adobe ID authentication snafu, …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Just add...everything

    Yeah, just buy our software and at the click of a button it will teleport you to Tibet, hire a monk to pose and then arrange the lighting and costume and $24,000 worth of camera, lenses, and reflectors. And then you can crop it or something. Hardly matters at this point; just use Paint.

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    2. Piro Silver badge

      Re: Just add...everything


      Although as long as you don't use Paint to save as JPEG.

      Paint's JPEG output is absolutely awful.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    "For more free flowing work, anchor points have been enhanced so they can be of unequal length enabling finer adjustments to curve shaping."

    Unless I've misunderstood (more than likely) this was something I could do back in CS4? So what's different about it now?

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      So what's different about it now?

      The difference is you are supporting Adobe and Co every month / year.

      They will need it.

  3. CoolKoon

    I just still can't bring myself to like this.

    All those bells and whistles are fine, but I just simply can't bring myself to like this whole business model of theirs. It isn't much about the money part either. It's the whole principle that's scaring me.

    I mean do they seriously expect people to process raw picture and video data in this? I have 16-bit (per color channel) scans of color film negatives stored in raw format which are like 200 megs each. Well I surely won't wait an hour for each such file to upload to their servers before I can process them (sure, I happen to have a crappy Internet connection, but even with higher speeds and waiting times as low as 1 minute I'd hate it). And I seriously doubt that anyone with its right mind would upload even compressed 4K or 6K (let alone uncompressed!) video data to their service. I mean even with compressed video it's at least tens of gigabytes to upload, which is/would be slow even with South Korea-grade Internet connectivity (which most of the people don't have, especially in Adobe's main target market i.e. 'murica).

    The thing is, I found this whole cloud concept even in itself to be unsympathetic (since it's far too reminiscent of my annoying experience with a similar solution in the form of some AutoCAD "online trial" about 6-7 years ago, which was like living hell for me), but that major outage of theirs (that rendered pretty much every single service they have unusable for quite a long time) makes the whole Adobe CC project sound even worse than that AutoCAD nightmare. I like most of Adobe's products, but this time I really hope that this cloudizing step of theirs (i.e. forcing everyone to use their products off of the cloud) will cost them dearly (simply because I think that this was a very, VERY ridiculously retarded idea).

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