back to article Slingshot: Facebook unwraps chat app to splat Snapchat brats

Facebook has officially announced Slingshot, its Snapchat-like phone app for sharing self-destructing photo messages, one week after accidentally releasing an early version on Apple's App Store. As everyone already knew because of Facebook's blunder, the standalone Slingshot app allows you to share photos and videos that …


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  1. AlexS

    whoo hoo!

    I assume the first post be Mark Zuckerberg in the nude (ie without hoodie). Who will be the first to post a picture back?

    It's just so exciting.. Now hand me my Valium and copy of People magazine.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Privacy International said the law "patronises the British people"

    Self-destructing Photos for you and me perhaps, but hardly for our state superiors! But hey we already knew this, right? Once again the battle-lines are drawn, as the UK spooks calculatingly inform us that they couldn't give a flying fuck what the little-people think...:

    ................."Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and web searches on Google - as well as webmail services such as Hotmail and Yahoo - are classified as "external communications", which means that they can be intercepted without the need for additional legal clearance - When someone searches for something on Google or posts on Facebook they are sending information overseas - constituting an act of external communication which could be collected under a broader warrant, - Privacy International said the interpretation of the law "patronises the British people" and showed that spy agencies operated under their own laws" - BBC News - Google and Facebook can be legally intercepted, says UK spy boss

    ................."This latest revelation shows that intelligence agencies want to see everything and identify everyone. - Their attacks on identity databases around the world shows just how right the UK was right to abandon the national ID [card]. Any national database is now a treasure trove for intelligence agencies, both domestic and foreign" BBC News - NSA 'collects facial-recognition photos from the net'

  3. Lionel Baden

    no trust there !!

    Wickr is not a bad choice.

    interested to see heml when it is released

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Pyramid scheme?

    So, if everyone posts to at least 2 FB buddies, and they have to reply to see the pics, then we'll have some exponential growth thing going, right?

    <FB server farm down>

  5. g e

    "Creative Labs"

    Really? They couldn't think of a name that wasn't already widely used elsewhere for their team?

    Hardly 'creative'!

  6. El Richard Thomas


    Can't you get an interview with the owners of Snapchat? Not long ago they thought their app was worth more than $3bn. Not any more!

  7. Lara156

    I think I see something other people have missed

    I always back the underdog and so I thought I would share what I heard from a friend that an app called Yacha is really blowing up in LA. I checked it out and went to their explore tab and there are tons of people in LA area on the app which is growing essentially in Snapchats own backyard. You all should seriously check this thing out if you are interested in Slingshot, and Snapchat issues! Remember who told you first though! Interestingly, I heard rumours that they are actually calling it the next twitter though....still using the app to try to understand why though but i will update when i hear more?

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