back to article Brit giant Daisy stuffs face with treats, but she ain't piling on ££££££s

Telecoms provider Daisy Group forked out tens of millions of pounds on acquisitions in fiscal 2014 – only to see its top line stagnate as organic growth fell off a cliff in its legacy calls business. Operating losses have widened and debts mounted. The British biz spent £35.3m on four buys: £7.5m to pick up two of 2e2's data …


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  1. Jan 0 Silver badge

    I'm sick of this 'Brit' nonsense.

    Totally off-topic I know, but if you don't like the words British and Briton why don't you call us something we can be proud of? I'm a Limey and proud of those wise seafaring ancestors who kept scurvy at bay. 'Brit' sounds like something you'd want to cover up.

    Hard to choose between the limey Coat and the limey Go symbol. There's no lime juice, so I'll settle for a beer.



  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Brit giant Daisy stuffs face with treats, but she ain't piling on pounds

    Beg to differ, people in place, infrastructure in place? If you mean management teams in place then that would be yes, but when you acquire companies and merge them into 1 solution then Mr Riley I can say you way off. We have dealt with acquisitions purchased from Daisy and they don't know left from right, who has got what. To Top it off the End user contacts daisy only to be told to go to the acquired company to get resolved, only to be told by that company, they have not had the information to deal with your case passed down.

    Acquisitions are required to help Companies grow at a fast rate and to purchase Client bases, but the Infrastructure has to be in place to get the companies to Gel together, if you are going to be seen as one, you have to work as one.

  3. Kev Beeley

    Ever time we tried to get away from Daisy and their lackadaisical idea of 'service' they ended up buying out our new providers. It became a slightly tortured in-joke over time, and one I'll inevitably have to deal with again, unless they eventually do a Mr. Creosote on us.

  4. Mintyboy

    Naff Service

    Daisy always blame the end user for their issues I have a run in with them currently on FUP they claim 600GB / month downloads and my router ASUS says 200Gb now they want to cut me off...

    Will be glad soon when I can move away from them, they are an epic Fail

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Daisy is pretty much the best comms company there is!

    No wait, I got that wrong. Every single function of that company is a disaster zone.

    I hope they become incredibly successful and all the managers, directors and all the illiterate and inumerate meat they employ become rich beyond their wildest dreams. No wait, I got that wrong as well.

  6. Dieter Haussmann

    OMG Seriously?, stop illustrating articles with pictures of unobtainable delicious food!

  7. James 100

    I've been a customer of constituent bits of Daisy twice in the past: Nildram/Pipex, and MurphX the wholesale LLU ADSL operator (via Vivaciti). They were perfectly good at the time, but I'm not sure about the current state: @Mintyboy's tale of AUP disputes doesn't inspire confidence. Yet another "unlimited" which actually means the limit's secret until you hit it!

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