back to article Fighting words from Asigra: Yes, backup vendors, we said it... commodity hardware

Asigra has devised a server + storage configuration for cloud providers using its backup software that it claims is cheaper than Dell or HP kit. It is essentially selling its backup software together with a promise to enable customers to buy a complete underlying software and hardware server, networking and storage stack, with …


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  1. Jim 59

    Sounds a little effusive?

    Is this an advertising piece ? Nothing wrong with that, but if so can you please mark it as such.

  2. thegreatsatan

    aww how cute VTL's are back

    Yawn. Really this is a big deal, for who exactly other than Asigra.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Service providers

    That's the group that this is aimed four-square at with the focus on using commodity hardware. That's been the hot proposition (I have no idea if it's true) for the medium to large IT consulting/service firms. Small firms were supposed to follow in their footsteps converting capex cost plus opex service calls into pure opex revenues (ARR).

    Trevor would almost certainly know more about this. I'm the guy out there that when you run into major weird in my neck of the woods, I get called in. I do weird. [Regular stuff is boring. I don't do boring. Even/especially if you throw money at me.]

This topic is closed for new posts.