back to article Amazon looks at Google's cheap SSDs, slashes its own prices

Sometimes Amazon's entire purpose as a company seems to be to act as a deflationary force on the economy, and this is especially apparent in its cloud services. As is traditional with the cloud computing market, Amazon has taken a look at Google's just-announced flash-backed persistent disks, then dipped its chip-encrusted …


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  1. andrewj

    I think Amazon's purpose as a company is to continue to lose vast quantities of money (which it has successfully done for a decade) until it's forced every other company out of business and is the last man standing.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Deflation is great

    As a prudent saver who has been shafted by the inflationista's irrepresible urge for credit expansion and debt fuelled idiocy, bring on the deflation please. Funnily enough I like it when stuff gets cheaper - including houses (unlike the house price rise cheerleaders in the mainstream media). Thanks to zirp, fundling for lending, QE I've become even more frugal then ever. Not probably the intention of the powers that be who want me to spend, spend spend - but I'm not playing their game and I'm not bailing them out.

    Bcause until interest rates reflect the true cost of capital, I'll be the worlds worst consumer.

    1. Nifty Silver badge

      Re: Deflation is great

      The UK base rate now reflects accurately that you get nowt without risk, that is, without actually DOING something with your capital. And long may it last.

    2. intrigid

      Re: Deflation is great

      But but but but if prices fall then nobody will buy anything and the economy will collapse!

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