back to article HP faces down youthful tech upstarts: Don't judge us by our looks

Hewlett-Packard is a mature company operating among other declining mature firms – all of whom have to compete with new, immature rivals. So how can it equip itself to prosper in the new era? Cisco UCS Invicta racks Old-hand Cisco got wise to the disruptive game early, coming up with UCS when everyone thought Dell, HP and …


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  1. Crazy Operations Guy

    HP in the cloud

    I've been thinking that HP can roll out a cloud-based VDI service for home users. They have the technology to build an actual all-in-one thin client with an integrated monitor, a cable and/or DSL modem, a Wireless access point and possibly even some kind of WAN accelerator card. This way the end user has only a single device to set up and only needs to plug in power, keyboard, mouse and either coax or phone cable to connect up to the internet, throw in a set of status LEDs and you have a simple box that makes the lives of tech-support (Both official and unofficial) much easier. Plus with it being in the cloud, the machine would actually have proper anti-virus and user data would be stored backed up properly. Authentication to connect the system to its VDI instance can be handled by a simple smart-card allowing someone to pop the card out and stick it into another machine and access everything from there (And allow for people to share a physical machine yet have their own full instances)

    It wouldn't be difficult to expand this into small-businesses by selling PoS peripherals along with transaction management services (Credit card software, accounting software, etc). From here, they can start selling this to larger businesses along with the kit to build a private version of this.

    1. Trevor_Pott Gold badge

      Re: HP in the cloud

      "I've been thinking that HP can roll out a cloud-based VDI service for home users. "

      Microsoft licensing.

  2. ingeniering

    Meg whitman great job

    This article ignore the great reality of Hewlett Packard, it is in correct way, it have greats product ( 3par offer deduplication), Apollo HPC, server proliant, moonshot, low cost tablets, industrial printers and others. Meg Whitman it is the leader in appropriate site, in the moment appropriate, the miracle that she made in e Bay it can repeat in Hewlett Packard.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Don't judge us by our looks...

    ...judge us by our acquisitions and business acumen! No, wait! Stop laughing, I say, stop laughing!

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