back to article IBM officially biggest all-flash array shipper - analyst

No, it isn’t the greatly anticipated all-flash array magic quadrant, but it's great Gartner analysis nonetheless. The number-crunchers at Gartner HWQ have produced a Market Share Analysis: SSDs and Solid-State Arrays, Worldwide, 2013. Yummy. Let’s see what’s inside. The doc, available as a download from Pure Storage (guess who …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Stale data

    Given the amount of changes in the market in 2014. I dont think the 2013 data is at all relevant for any decision making

    1. mtuber

      Re: Stale data

      I think you're right. In a developing segment there's a constant leapfrogging so looking backwards to determine the future is less than ideal. Never mind that Gartner seems to have left out quite a few vendors from the list using a very narrow definition. It seems like they are trading flexibility for silos.

  2. Nym


    Quit putting your graphs sideways, it kinks my neck.


  3. Man Mountain

    Why do we need to have a distinction for SSA vs arrays that can have HDDs installed in them. People don't buy a SSA because it is a SSA, they are looking for an array with certain performance characteristics and in the current market that is most likely to be met using SSDs but not necessarily just SSDs. Gartner talk about the ability to put HDD in the same array as SSD as if it is a bad thing. Surely flexibility can only be a good thing? If you can deliver the required performance without having to go for a completely separate silo of storage then why wouldn't you?

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