back to article Wintel pincers to squeeze iPads out of BYOD

Intel is about to muscle up, scale down, and take a serious shot at marginalising Apple's iPad among business buyers. The campaign started at Computex with the launch of the Core M just-for-typoslabs 14nm silicon. It is important to understand that Core-M is not just a new piece of “marketechture”. Instead it is a fully- …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    Will users swallow it?

    IT departments might bite, if the PHB forces them to, but then probably the company supplied slab will only replace the company supplied laptop. Users see windows as that blue screen thing, cranky and cumbersome. They buy iPads and Android tablets, not TIFKAM lap warmers. Users will use wintel when forced to, but will still use Android/iOS when they have a choice, and have their apps and games on iOS and Android by now.

    This might kill BYOD - but won't stop users from carrying their own tablets and smartphones, and using them over 3G/4G, if the company wifi is suddenly for wintel only again.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Will users swallow it?

      Windows tablets are far more powerful and capable then iPads (or Android based devices) so yes- Users that want the latest and greatest will likely be forming a queue. Cutting edge companies like Coca Cola, BMW and Louis Vuitton are already adopting the Surface 3 for instance.

  2. GitMeMyShootinIrons

    And so the circle of life continues

    The laptop was viewed as old fashioned, with proponents pushing NetBooks as the wave of the future...

    Then the NetBook got pushed aside as yesterdays gadget for Tablets....

    Now tablets are getting replaced with a device with a keyboard. Oh, isn't that, sort of like.... a laptop?

  3. Richard Jones 1


    My first though was that they must be incredibly error producing. Though it now appears what goes around comes around, they are laptops or 'armtops'. The real question is 'do the typos come as standard?'

  4. IOS050I

    I'm a Mac; I'm a typoslob!

    These day you have to consider what YouTube will do with your brand-name.

  5. APJ

    vPro woe

    vPro could and should be a great innovation and a boon to device management, but at the moment it's a horrendosity. Aside from it being optional component, so often missed for tranches of computers, the lack of consistency across versions makes it a nightmare to manage. Vendors get to choose how the surface the OOB management controllers (so they may display a message to press CTRL+F11 at boot, they may not, they may change the keystroke required to Shift+R+Backspace).

    vPro has some great capabilities, but it's half baked.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Microsoft is the thing that makes this impossible

    As far as employees are concerned, want a Surface tablet, this is amply shown by its minuscule share compared with Android and Apple. I'm sure I'll catch downvotes from the MS lovers here who will harp on about how much more you can do with Surface than iPad, but if you have to turn it into a laptop for it to be more useful than a tablet, why not just get a damn laptop. That objection is always left unanswered.

    The problem for Intel is that tablets are not really a necessity, so they can't push them out to everyone like they did with PCs/laptops. Maybe those in jobs where they can get by with a tablet instead of a laptop (think salespeople on the road who mostly just visit clients and take their regular orders) might get a corporate provided tablet. Unfortunately many of them have already splashed out for iPads (they visit the restaurant/bar I own all the time) so Intel is probably too late here as they've already figured out how to integrate the iPads into their business.

    I'm sure Microsoft can tout better manageability/integration than iPad, as Apple isn't really known for its enterprise chops (to say the least) but it will come at a high cost - don't think for a minute they aren't going to kill you with CALs for all those tablets, in addition to the already higher than iPad pricing on them. Intel can't push their stuff they way they used to without Microsoft yoked up front pulling.

    1. big_D Silver badge

      Re: Microsoft is the thing that makes this impossible

      I'll give you an upvote, although Windows fondleslabs are taking off here.

      I use a Samsung jobby and it is very nice. There is no way I'd swap it for an iPad, that said my boss wouldn't swap his iPad for anything else either.

      But the point is, there is more to the market than just Surface.

      CALs is the other thing, those Windows tablets, typoslabs and notebooks all come with client access CALs for MS Server and Terminal Server. Theoretically you need to buy an extra CAL for all non-Windows devices VDIing in or access the corporate data pool.

  7. 0laf

    Evidence I'm hearing is that the fondleslab fad is fading in the workplace. Workers are getting tired of the compromises needed to work on a tab and the extra infrastructure to make a non-enterprise OS work in a multi-user DPA paranoid environment. Even Win8.1 is a bit of a mess for enterprise.

    We're back to asking for laptops now. Just don't ask about the money pissed up the wall on shiny toys, or all the toys that will never be returned to the office.

  8. danjackson

    We're already biting with Bay Trail

    We're already biting with Bay Trail - we got a bunch of Bay Trail Windows 8.1 tablets in, updated them to 8.1 Enterprise (allowing us to manage the Start Screen via GPO) and those have been issued to selected members of staff already. As long as Broadwell/Llama Mountain devices tip up at a similar price point, I don't see why we wouldn't get those in the future if we get more hybrid devices.

  9. teapot9999

    Already missed the boat

    We have lots of users with iPad, both company owned and BYOD. They have access to Office 365, Office apps, VPN, internal apps and they are easy to use.

    No need for a surface.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Already missed the boat

      Surface can do a lot more for the same sort of capex though - and integrate better and with far less effort - and with a much lower TCO - It does make sense.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: Already missed the boat

        Thanks for the message from Microsoft's sales department. Meanwhile in the real world, Microsoft is never as cheap as its shills claim.

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Businesses don't give a shit what CPU a device uses. They care how well it works and how easy it is to manage.

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