back to article HP plots Amazon assault with bellicose Helion channel army

HP is building a clone army to take on Amazon's mammoth cloud. The enterprise IT company announced on Tuesday that it will make its OpenStack-based Helion cloud technology available to partners and resellers around the world to let them create their own services to compete with Amazon, via the newly-announced Helion Network. …


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  1. cosmo the enlightened

    fly meets

    200 pound gorilla.

    I'm sorry they lost me at "blah blah ecosystem blah.." HP's search for relevence continues.

    The problem for the channel is that until they can offer IaaS or PaaS without bias to vendors such as HP they will always appear as something from a bygone age. Additonally, as the big cloud players are now purchasing their own data centre tin directly from the board manufacturers, the large equipement providers will also become less impactful.

    Most companies will or should want to (if they have the smarts) define a method where they are not tied in to any single provider; Amazon et al. Companies should create an abstraction layer internally that allows you to chop and change cloud with no (or little) impact to the user experience. As prices race to the bottom and bounce up, and large economies of scale come into play, the ability to switch a petabyte of storage from one provider to another seamlessly will become a big deal in cost management.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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