back to article EMC partners fear rebate dive in new channel programme

There will be financial implications for EMC's partners that slip down the accreditation stack from next year, the storage giant's UK and Ireland channel boss Terry Beale has confirmed. From January, under the Business Partner Programme (BPP) EMC is to introduce a revenue threshold of $1.25m to become a Silver certified …


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  1. TheDrunkenBakers

    Surely its about time that partners realised that EMC doesnt understand the word partner, unless it is spelled CC.

  2. The Godfather

    S--t way to do business

    Vendors have an odd and oft unworkable who take these sucker punches however have themselves to blame. Rebates and marketing are crap ways to make a profit and it's time vendors took their blinds off...

This topic is closed for new posts.

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