back to article Here come Samsung's, er, Barnes & Noble's new Galaxy Tab, er, Nook fondleslabs

Bookselling giant Barnes & Noble is back in the tablet business – sort of – thanks to a new partnership with Samsung. The company announced on Thursday that it will soon offer co-branded Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Nook fondleslabs that come preloaded with custom software for reading e-books, magazines, and newspapers provided by …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    a fire sale on the current nooks?

    Here's hoping.

    1. andy gibson

      Re: a fire sale on the current nooks?

      The Kobos are only £39 at Littlewoods / Very at the moment:

      1. John Brown (no body) Silver badge

        Re: a fire sale on the current nooks?

        Yeahbut, a kobo isn't a nook. There are subtle differences.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Very decent screen

    slow processor.

    Perfect for putting your family's google calendar on the kitchen wall, with internet radio. Much much better than the O2 joggler which originally came out at more than the current Nook HD+ price. (fire sale joggler still gets used though :) )

    1. Scotthva5

      Re: Very decent screen

      > slow processor.

      For playing the latest 3D games certainly, however my HD+ does just spiffy on full 1080 BD rips which is the primary reason I bought it. Cyanogenmod 11 runs at an acceptable rate, not earth-shattering mind you but certainly fast enough for the light fondling I do. I've grown rather fond of it...

  3. James Hughes 1

    Previous NOOK tablets

    Have been fine for my sprogs - the HD+ and the HD are both perfectly fine tablets, well made, fast enough. And cost tiny amounts compared with the other devices available...

    Shame they have fallen by the wayside.

  4. launcap Silver badge

    When supping with the devil..

    .. make sure you use a long spoon. Advice formerly given to Microsoft 'partners' that I suspect is also aposite for Samsung partners..

  5. DJO Silver badge

    Rubbish software for Nooks

    I bought a Nook HD+ last year when they dropped the prices and it was probably one of the best purchases I've made for a long time however the software they provide to browse their bookstore program is total crap, you can search on broad categories such as "Science Fiction" and there are some further sub-divisions such as "Space Opera" and the results are shown 24 to a page with no way to sort or save your place so a list of 40,000 books has to be viewed sequentially in no discernible order.

    I guarantee nobody has ever made it past page 10 of 1,600 and they wonder why they don't sell much, curiously their web site does have some "sort by" options.

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