back to article US dairy biz in a churn over TPP

Farmers, rather than economics or 'net freedom activists, are once again putting pressure on Trans Pacific Partnership negotiators, with the US dairy sector uniting against the proposed treaty. US negotiators have already found themselves stonewalled by the agricultural sector in Japan, which wants to protect local farmers ( …


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  1. Gene Cash Silver badge

    It's simple

    The 'net activists don't have much money behind them. The farmers do.

    1. Mark 85 Silver badge

      Re: It's simple

      There's a large percentage of family farmers (not a corporation farm) and they have more lose. A corporation (Hollywood as in the article) will only lose profit. Family farmers will lose their livelihood and their homes. To them, this is personal.

    2. skeptical i

      Re: It's simple

      And time. Farmers and other ag businesses have been around and strong- arming government since it was first decided to trade/ tax/ regulate crops, anything 'net related is [relatively] new to the game. Not surprised Japan and Canada are hesitant to open their markets to 'Murkin cow product, they've both had time to see what happened to Mexico when NAFTA enabled the dump of screaming shitloads of cheap 'Murkin corn into that country and likely don't want to see similar obliteration of their cow product producers.

      Favorite crop -->

  2. Youngone Silver badge


    Both the Japanese and US farmers know that the New Zealand dairy industry would more or less put them out of business if they get rid of tariffs.

    The New Zealand farmers know that neither the Japanese nor US Governments are stupid and so the tariffs won't go.

  3. Daniel B.


    I was kinda expecting the 'net dudes to torpedo TPP, but it seems that most of the 'net dudes were lulled into a false sense of security after SOPA/PIPA got torpedoed and ACTA was killed by the aftermath of that. Still it's good to see that the other parties being hard-hit by these stupid treaties are ganging up. Hopefully they'll actually kill this stupid TPP thingy.

    Of course, we'll still have to keep an eye for the next TPP/ACTA/whatever revival in a couple of years.

  4. Stu 18

    don't mention the other 'minor' side effects

    Us nzers are in a fluster about foreign corporates being apparently able to take our govt to international court if they feel that some new law - like don't put gunk in the environment affects their profits. We don't have any faith in our smiling, patronising, head patting politicians that try to brush it aside either.

  5. Hazmoid

    I take objection to any corporation being placed higher than our sovereign governments. Theoretically the governments are to represent all the people in their realm whilst corporations only represent the shareholders ( and generally only the large shareholders at that). If a government feels strongly enough to legislate an impediment that an international corporation wants to sue about, then surely the government is reflecting the wishes of the people in that country, not the wishes of some shareholders in another country.

  6. Alistair

    TPP stalled by Farmers?

    Thats cause farmers know (insert relevant fecal reference) better than most politicians.

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