back to article Intel gives biz typoslabs their very own 14nm Core-M silicon

Intel President Renee James has used her Computex keynote to declare that Intel “can see our way clear to 10-nanometre” chips and to introduce a new Core-M CPU family aimed at two-in-one typoslabs and high-end fondleslabs. The Core M will be built using the Broadwell 14nm process and is said to be the most power-efficient core …


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  1. Phil W

    Yes, but will they really blend

    that is the question!

  2. Alan Denman

    "instead a premium product for high end devices"

    Methinks you could go even more premium and use ARM.

    Too late to do it now ARM, but you should have been charging more money more than Intel for your premium low energy chips!

  3. Vic



    When I was in chips, we were chuffed to get down to half-micron.


    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: 10nm

      Yeah, but considering they've been stamping out 14nm chips for months now, and 10nm is the next step, she's only talking about "seeing their way clear" to chips they're going to be mass producing not much more than a year from now.

      That's hardly going to reassure people that Intel believes Moore's Law can continue...

This topic is closed for new posts.

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